Craft Your Own Jewelry
Craft Your Own Jewelry

Is your style fun, funky, conservative, trendy, or just all you?  Now you can easily and inexpensively make jewelry for special occasions or every day. 

My sister Jody enjoys making earrings and bracelets. She has been so generous to help us with a tutorial so you can make your very own custom jewelry. 

By making your own jewelry, you can choose beads and style to match your personality, as well as colors to coordinate with your wardrobe. 

This is a terrific teen craft, a fabulous gift to make for a friend, a sister, aunt, mom….. you get the idea. Wonderful girls night activity.

Bracelets are easily made for babies, girls, adults! 

The earring holders are found at craft stores, to make your gift of earrings even a bit more special.

Gather these few supplies, it only takes a few minutes and Have some FUN!

 DSC_1459Supplies for Bracelet & Earring set:

  • Stretchy cord
  • Glue
  • A clothes pin or something to stop the bead from falling off the stretchy cord
  • Wire earring hooks
  • Head pins in findings
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Small jewelry pliers with wire cutter
  • Round nose pliers

 *All item can be bought at Hobby Lobby , Walmart or a similar type store offering craft supplies.  

To make the bracelet:

Cut a length of cord that is 2 times the size of the wristCraft Your Own Jewelry 1Put your clothes pin or cord holder on the end. (shown is the clothes pin)Craft Your Own Jewelry 2Slide beads on in the order that you like. (shown here is the cord holder)Craft Your Own Jewelry 3Continue with the beads until it is the length desired.Craft Your Own Jewelry 4

Take off the holder and tie a double square knot holding the cord tight. (right over left, left over right, then repeat) pull tight.Craft Your Own Jewelry 5Put a dot of glue on the knot and trim when dry.Craft Your Own Jewelry 6To Make the Earrings:Craft Your Own Jewelry 7Put desired beads on head pinCraft Your Own Jewelry 8

Continue with desired amount of beadsCraft Your Own Jewelry 9With wire cutters, cut the head pin above the beads leaving enough length to make a circular enclosureCraft Your Own Jewelry 10With round nose pliers, bend head pin to make a closed circleCraft Your Own Jewelry 11Hold the hookCraft Your Own Jewelry 12

With the pliers open the small closure on the hookCraft Your Own Jewelry 11Place the circle or loop of the head pin on the hook and close the circleCraft Your Own Jewelry 13And there you have it! A matching bracelet and earring set.Craft Your Own Jewelry 14

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