Table Runner 2
20 Minute Table Runner

Sewing is important, which is why it is part of the LOST ART SERIES, and it can be fun, as well as functional.  After you make this runner, you will want to make them for wedding and Christmas gifts too – economical and super fast with these instructions.  See, sewing isn’t scary, but fabulous!

This table runner really will take a newbie 20 minutes or so to make with my tutorial.  It’s very easy and will dress up your table or anywhere you want to put this fun, or elegant runner, depending on the fabric you choose.

Do not be intimidated by all the pictures and steps, I just wanted to make sure you could easily make this amazing table runner.

20 Minute Table Runner


10″-12″ width by 42″-45″ length of a theme print of fabric

18″ width by 42″-45″ length of a coordinating print of fabric

matching thread

2 coordinating buttons or any embellishment you choose


Step 1 – Cut your fabric to size20 minute table runnerStep 2- Place right sides of fabric together20 minute table runnerStep 3 – Stitch the long edges together using 1/2″ seam20 minute table runner  20 minute table runnerStep 4 – Turn right side out so you have a long tube. Step 5 – Lay flat on the ironing board and press so that the theme print is bordered evenly on both of the long sides with the coordinating print.20 minute table runner

20 minute table runnerStep 6 – Trim the short ends of thread, or uneven fabric.20 minute table runnerStep 7 – Fold fabric in half lengthwise with the theme print out.  This is a picture of the two ends folded in half. 20 minute table runnerStep 8 – Take a 1/2″ seam on both of the short ends of the long tube.20 minute table runner


Make sure you are trimming threads as you go!  VERY IMPORTANT or your work looks sloppy.20 minute table runnerStep 9 – Take a small snip off the corner. Press the seam open.  Turn the seam inside to form a point.  I used the scissors only to hold it open for you to see what it looks like while turning it.20 minute table runner

20 minute table runnerStep 10 – Here I did gently use the scissors to help me make the point.  Then the seam ripper to pull it very carefully out to a nice point20 minute table runner

20 minute table runnerStep 11 – Press20 minute table runner Step 12 – Sew a button on either end, press the entire runner again and voila, you are done!20 minute table runner

20 minute table runnerThey are so quick and easy, you can make them for any occasion to make your decor and for gifts.20 minute table runnerPermission given to use this pattern by Sew N Save, Inc., [email protected]  I adapted the original instructions by LaRae Bunnell Clark, also by Sew N Save, Inc

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

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