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Service opportunities and kindness
How to easily serve others and show kindness

In times past it was critical to know your neighbor because it could mean life or death – literally!

Along with the important social aspect of talking to someone, getting advice, learning how to make daily used items or finding critical help with family, animals, crops or countless other facets of life; one-on-one personal interaction was understood as essential to human happiness and emotional well-being.

Our time in history presents a challenge of not ‘needing’ people.

We can communicate without talking or seeing a person for years and consider it a relationship.  Yet, that doesn’t bring people into the equation.

Not seeing people as individuals, recognizing their needs,  knowing she has her own burden she carries, he has his own struggles he fights; makes it almost impossible to reach out, have compassion and want to serve.

Showing love, kindness and concern to others is the way we lift another person’s load they carry, emulate the Savior and His example and become a better person along the way.

1- Are you looking for ways to serve someone?

2- Something that’s easy, inexpensive and not awkward?

3- I have ideas and resources for you!

I will bring you ideas listed below of how to share with others in approachable and friendly ways despite ability, economic situation or how ‘social’ you consider yourself.  

We all have unique gifts and personalities to let shine and this is a way to help others know us, and we to know them.  If you have suggestions for me, please email  [email protected]