Do not say Mom

Mom’s need a break TOO! 

My husband, Stan traveled quite a lot while the kids were growing up and with five very, very active kids who were always busy and into everything, all the time, sometimes I simply needed a break. 

However, there were not options for easy relief. So most of the time it was just me trying to deal with all of their shenanigans, daily drama, mishaps, messes, teasing and all the other sibling taunting that occurs.  

I banned the word: M.O.M.  Well, you’ll have to click to the next page to see what happened. 

One particular day I had it up to my eyeballs and beyond; and I’m pretty tall, so it was over the top. 

I told them I was going into the bathroom as the weather was too bad to go outside, and that they needed to give me five minutes, one for each kid.  Only five minutes of quiet.  No talking.  No noise. No tattling.  And no one could say the word mom. 

NO M.O.M. for 5 full minutes.  After making sure all sharp objects were up, the house secure, no fire hazards were available (a subject for another day), I went to my tiny bathroom to practice the methods of de-stressing professionals talk about.

First I began to count, while envisioning myself by the ocean or in the mountains; I couldn’t decide.  I was deep breathing while trying not to hyperventilate.  I mean this was my chance to get it all in, right? So I was taking advantage!

About three minutes into my ‘relaxation therapy’ a piece of paper appeared under my door.  I picked it up and the words were:  Mom, can we talk to you yet? I began to laugh.  It was the stress reliever I really needed.  I opened the door to find all five kids laying on the floor, peering at the bottom of the door looking very concerned if their mother had lost it completely. 

I couldn’t stop laughing which made them laugh, also letting them know all was well.  There are those times though that we need our space.

This post is for parents AND for KIDS TO GET HELP when needed.  You never know who may be in trouble as shown in the video below – which is very well worth your time to watch.

  Inform!   This month is dedicated to Preventing Child Abuse, so I am continuing to cover the critical subject of protecting ALL children who need our help. If you work with children of ANY AGE, in any capacity, such as: in a daycare, preschool, in church, tutoring, in school, after school programs, extra-curricular activities, teen sp0rts, anything,

  • Please make the phone numbers for help in your state openly available all the time, or as frequent as possible. 
  • Also, the national numbers listed below.  You never know who will need this as shown in the video.

I found the most useful and information site on the subject of abuse to help us with information topic.  I am using the Utah site as a source, which is really terrific. You might want to see if your state has one also!  April is the MONTH! 

Click HERE  to download these activities to involve your family and to use in other ways if you work with children:

  • Calendar of fun family activities
  • Teaching Personal Safety to Your Child
  • Pinwheel Word Search
  • Bookmarks & Coloring sheets   This site is remarkable and I would highly recommend looking into it.  It covers many subjects for how to get help, how to know if you need help, help for children and adults, understanding mistreatment and cruelty and provides contact numbers and websites galore for all types of needs. 

Click HERE for What to Do and How to Know? How To Handle Abuse

  • Resources For Children
  • HotLine 1-800-4-A-CHILD

How Do You Know Something Is Abuse?

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional/Verbal
  • Physical Neglect

On the Utah Prevent Child Abuse Site there is a video that I found excellent and very well worth the few minutes to watch. I pray for our families and those who cannot speak, protect, defend or care for them self; I know you do too. 

This is such a difficult subject, but we must do all we can to prevent malicious behavior of any type. And protect all the innocent, and those who are subject to evil in all of its forms. 

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015, 2016

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