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A Mother's Shadow

Kindness Of The Month

Technology is AMAZING! BUT…….
If we didn’t have all the devices and the lightning fast access we do, I wouldn’t have the privilege of being with you today!
However, there is a drawback to all of these continuous and astonishing developments.

We don’t have to actually ‘talk’ to people, interact in a meaningful way, notice others or think about their needs.
Since we may not ‘need’ to interact, it is critical to find ways to overcome feelings of awkwardness, or knowing what to do to reach out, to be involved and see the needs of others.
Every month I will bring you a simple and very approachable way to serve as an individual and as a family. The most valuable skill we can pass on is the example of serving, and teaching how to serve. 

Over Flow YOUR Bucket With JOY!

Do you feel your life bucket is lacking JOY?
Is your day as full and rich as you’d like it to be?
Do you know HOW to fill your bucket with JOY?
Come on over and read The Reason I Created The JOY Bucket and see if you find the answers you are looking for. I also created a printable to easily and intentionally help you fill your daily JOY BUCKET.

How do we fill our bucket with JOY? 

It all comes down to looking outside our self and to others.  I have two very simple ways to show you.

Come Fill Your Joy Bucket

Why Help?

I think I was born with one talent and that was volunteering – mainly other people and their skills and things.  Come read about one of my stories: How To Volunteer By Loaning Out Your Mother’s Couch

So, you want to SERVE, however:
• Maybe you feel a little out of your comfort zone in approaching how, where, and what to do.
• Do you think you are too old, or too unskilled, or maybe have little to offer, or……

Really, there are no reasons not to serve!  Did  you know that SERVICE not only eases another person’s burden, but it brings physical and psychological benefits to YOU?

Just Serve


1- Are you looking for a one-time, or an on-going, service opportunity?

2- Is it for you, your family, a group of friends, coworkers, a church group, or neighbors to participate in together?

3- Do you have no budget, a small budget, or a large one to make a difference for good?

4- What if you aren’t sure your skills and talents will make a difference?

JUST SERVE will help YOU find the Service Opportunity