Indian Head Dress Indian Head Dress

 Indian Head Dress or Indian Head Band are always a hit and are the perfect opportunity to teach the kids about those who lived here when the pilgrims arrived, their life style, their language and pictographs, and how they saved the pilgrims lives.  I have easy instructions for you as well as the pictograph printouts below.

Indian Head Dress


Brown Butcher Paper

Ruler & yard stick


Markers or crayons

Glue gun/Glue Dots

Print out of Indian Pictographs below

Patterned paper to cut circles, optional  


Measure butcher paper with ruler.Make small marks at intervals across the paper, then mark with yard stick all the way across.  Cut the strip. Indian Head Dress 1

Indian Head Dress*I cut the following measurements to have for toddlers and up through most sizes of older children. Have extra on hand so if one is ripped or a child feels they made a mistake, the headband is easily replaced and only fun is the memory. 1  1/2″  &   1  3/4″   &   2″  &   2   1/2″   These should fit any kid   However, you can have the paper on hand to hurry and cut to size.Indian Head Dress

Indian Head Dress 5

Here are the supplies laid out to be easily seen – With the colored paper I cut circles with a circle cutter, or you can trace anything round which can be glued on for decoration also.Indian Head Dress

04 Indian words

05 Indian wordsIndian words for head dress bandPrint these out and have them spread out for the kids to make their own story on their head band.  Easy and fun for play and to learn the importance of the heritage of these great people.head dress how toCopyright Carrie Groneman, 2015

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