How’s and Why’s of Forgiving

Axe and Firewood

There are times that friends, family, loved ones, those close to us and even some who we barely know may wrong us, possibly intentionally, maybe not.  Many more times, I dare guess, we are the offenders and do not even realize it.  So, when we are at fault:

Is it hard to say ‘I am sorry’?

  •        Is it hard to for­give — truly forgive?
  •        I have a post concerning the how’s and why’s of the crit­i­cal attribute of apologizing.  Click HERE to read all about this very important subject.

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Copy­right Car­rie Grone­man,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today


  1. Sometimes, it is truly hard to forgive and forget, I do believe we have to our best to do so no matter what. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and Happy Friday, too ;)

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