Halloween Buffet Table
Halloween Buffet Table

My daughter-in-law Ashley helped me set up the buffet table and it looked grand! Thank you so much Ash for your time and very cool decorations. It make it all come together boo-tifully!

On Halloween night family and friends drop by to show off their kids, or grand kids, costumes, or just to visit for a spell.

It is usually the traditional to have chili, soup, stew or even a pizza decked out to look like a pumpkin. But I wanted something that as people came by they could make their own food to their liking.  Some of my kids do not like soups or pasta (I know, something went horribly wrong, cuz those are my favs), so a panini bar fits the bill just right.

Stop in to see what we made and maybe get a few ideas of your own!


Halloween Buffet & Panini Barhttp://amothersshadow.com/2014/10/24/halloween-buffet-table/

A panini bar is a wonderful option for guests to make their own.  See below for more on the paninis. http://amothersshadow.com/2014/10/24/halloween-buffet-table/

 Here are the details of the awesome Halloween Buffet Table – the plates and utensils were on a side table.

Eye-See-YOU Cupcakes started the dessert table.Halloween Buffet Table 1My Cold Cider Drink comes up next.Carrie's Cold Cider 1You could also serve my copycat version of Starbucks Hot Caramel Apple CiderCarries Cold CiderNot to be hidden is my own Spooky Layered Cake.Layered Cake 1If you want a real treat with a trick, make sure to have out my own creation of Mysterious Confectioncandy 5   Always a fav is the Halloween Sugar CornHalloween Sugar Corn 1Homemade or purchased donuts are easy to put in a fun decorated plate or bowl.

Now for the delicious make-your-own Panini Bar


  • There were a variety of the small bags of chips  available to suit everyone’s choice.
  • Cups with ranch dressing and carrots were all ready to go; you could also include celery sticks.
  • Cups of green and purple grapes were handy to snag as guests helped themselves.
  • I purchased the smaller Ciabatta buns in the store to avoid waste.  You can use any denser type roll you like.
  • For the meat I put out deli sliced ham, turkey (forgot to include the roast beef in the pic, oops) and also precooked bacon strips. Keep on ice if it is to stay out for an extended length of time.
  • Cheeses are so varied, but I settled with cheddar and munster.
  • On the tray for condiments included:  fresh spinach leaves (I like it better than lettuce on these), thin sliced red onion, mild pepper rings, roasted red bell pepper, and sandwich spreads (you can purchased these from the store*if mayo based keep on ice if out for an extended amount of time).  My Jalapeno & Red Pepper Jelly is AMAZING and my favorite condiment on a panini. 

As guests put their sandwich together, they could eat it cold or heat/grill it on the panini maker and ta-da!  Magically they had their own scrumptious meal to eat as they visited, or to take on the go.

Just use whatever is available in your price range and relax, they’ll make their own dinner – which is always the best part!!!

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