gratitude tree
Ever Giving Gratitude Tree

With the holiday season here, life gets crazy-busy, so my goal was to come up with something easy and quick, yet an activity with positive results and well worth your time. 

This idea came to me –  a Gratitude Tree!.   With this little tree, teaching gratitude will come naturally.   The concept is that each leaf will have a word on it, that can be chosen as a family or by a parent.

For example, if the leaf ‘word’ is neighbor, then the leaf could not be hung on the tree until a service is done by the entire group. For neighbor, ideas brainstormed by the family, could include: anonymously raking leaves, making and taking cookies or spending a little time visiting an elderly neighbor.  

More than just reporting or saying what family members are thankful for, this little activity will engage and involve everyone into ACTION.  Children and adults will seek for ways to bless another, and leave the entitlement attitude behind Service naturally brings out the best in everyone.

I have everything easily ready for you to start and have FUN together!



Tree, HERE is one to check out

Pre-cut leaf shapes, THESE are perfect

Sharpie Marker

Twine, Click HERE

Directions:gratitude tree1Trace desired shape onto paper and cut out OR use pre-cut shapes I suggested above.

Punch a small hole at the top of the leaf.gratitude tree 2Tie a square knot with the string through the hole in the leaf.gratitude tree 3Here are some ideas for ‘words’ your family might want to include for people to serve: gratitude tree

Neighbor(s) Grandparent(s) Teacher(s) Mail person Family – think extended; aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. Veterinarian Doctor Dentist Church leader(s) Military Foster Parents/kids Animal Shelter Brainstorm with your family, the list will amaze you and the results will bless you.  

This Gratitude Tree can be easily adapted for the Christmas season also.

Click HERE for the ornaments

gratitude tree 4Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013, 2016

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