Gift of a Mitt

Gift of a Mitt
Gift of a Mitt

This gift is so cute and can be made very inexpensively by looking for supplies at a dollar store. Great gift for a family friend, a neighbor, or even a newlywed couple.   This simple and quick gift is customizable and takes just minutes to assemble.

Stuffed Oven Mitt


Oven mitt

Assortment of cooking tools

2 dish clothes, a dish towel or package of dish scrubbers

A piece of ribbon or tool


 Step #1 –  Into the bottom of the mitt, push the dish cloth, dish towel or package of dish scrubber into the end.  This prevents the kitchen utensils from falling into the bottom of the mitt.

Step #2 –  Place all the items in the mitt so they look neat and organized

Step #3 –  Once you have it all together, wrap a cute ribbon around it

Step #4 –  Tie a kitchen spice or treat into the ribbon and tie a bow

Step #5 –  Attach a tag – DONE!

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