DIY Wooden Letters

My sister Jody and friend Becky invited me for a girls craft night.  These terrific wooden letters were the project, and how perfect are they!  Of course the C is for me, heehee.  These letters have endless possibilities; a weddings gift of their last name – the entire name or just first the letter.  The first letter for Mother’s Day.  ABC for a teacher.   A graduates high school or college letters or name.  A Christmas gift for family. You get the idea.  Thank you Becky and Jody for having me over and for my darling C!!!

 Do-It-Yourself Wooden Letters


Wooden Letter of any size – look at yard sales, thrift stores also for these.

Good paint such as Americana or Ceramacoat

Foam sponge brush

Tin foil Scrapbook paper of your choice



Mod Podge

Xacto knife or razor blade

Cutting mat or board

Credit Card

Fingernail File

Ink pad that coordinates with your scrapbook paper

Ultra Cover Matte Clear or other protective spray coating


Hot glue gun  


Begin by lightly sanding off any rough edges and wiping off any dust. Place the wooden letter on a piece of tin foil.  The foil does not allow it to stick while being painted and while drying.DIY Wooden Letters 1


Purchase good quality paint such as Americana or Ceramacoat. Using a foam sponge brush, paint the entire surface of the letter, making sure to get inside any openings.  Allow to dry. Do not forget to paint the bottoms of the letter also when it is dry enough to turn it on its side to stand/sit to dry for those areas to dry also.  Allow to dry.  Repeat this process with a second coat. If you are in a rush, or it is cold, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. DIY Wooden Letters 2

DIY Wooden Letters 3

Here is a nifty trick from our very creative Becky:  Fold your brush inside your tinfoil to keep moist in between coats of paint.  Genius!

DIY Wooden Letters 4

Lay your letter down on your scrapbook paper, in reverse like a mirror image, and trace.  This paper is one-sided.DIY Wooden Letters 5


This paper is two-sided.DIY Wooden Letters 6

 Cut out using sharp scissorsDIY Wooden Letters 7


Place your paper on a mat board or cutting board and using an exacto knife or razor blade cut out any small openings.DIY Wooden Letters 8


With a clean foam sponge brush, evenly coat the letter lightly with Mod PodgeDIY Wooden Letters 9


Lightly coat the letter with Mod PodgeDIY Wooden Letters 10

Make sure ALL the edges are secured with Mod Podge as this is how they will stay down and look nice.DIY Wooden Letters 11

Here’s another very useful Becky trick:  Using a credit card, scrape out any air bubbles; this step also presses the paper firmly to the wooden letter.

DIY Wooden Letters 12

Clip any edges of the paper that are sticking out from the edges of the wood. 

DIY Wooden Letter 16

Lightly file off the edges to make a nice finished edge. DIY Wooden Letters 13

DIY Wooden Letter 17

             Using an ink pad that coordinates with your scrapbook paper, use just the edge and rub on the side of the letter. DIY Wooden Letter 18

DIY Wooden Letter 19            Spray evenly with a protective coating such as Ultra Cover Matte Clear.

DIY Wooden Letter 20

Embellish, such as tying a knot with ribbon. DIY Wooden Letter 21

 Use hot glue to attach other items. DIY Wooden Letter 21

DIY Wooden Letter 22

For this, Becky painted the apple stem brown, the apple red.  When dried applied Mod Podge and sprinkled on red glitter.  When dried hot glued the apple to the letter.DIY Wooden Letter 23


Now you have an easy, economical and much appreciated gift!DIY Wooden Letters 1

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

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