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Make time for family and teach
Family Time Kite has a string which allows us to soar to our potential

To learn WHY this KITE is the logo, and how you and your family can SOAR from Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE), simply click HERE


I believe in families.
In this essential unit, there is strength for each individual, the entire family, our communities, nations and even the world; all stemming from the bond formed in this most important relationship.

Children of all ages who spend time with their parents have a higher level of self-esteem, a greater sense of worth, and a healthier, happier life.

It is in the home where you have the remarkable opportunity to teach your family what you believe about God, His commandments and the Gospel.

That having ethics and morals are so valuable. Why being a person that God can trust, as well as those you associate with, is treasured above riches.

My goal with  Family Time- Family Home Evening Lessons (FHE) by providing the resources, tools and other things I try to bring, can help us in the sacred trust we have been given, as parents or guardians, to teach our family the truths we hold dear. 

These lessons are meant to help:

  • In an approachable and fun way
  • In a weekly setting of maybe half an hour or so.  I encourage a specific night is set aside so you make it happen ;-) .  We use Monday night for this purpose
  • Each lesson is about a value, moral, commandment or correct principle
  • A younger version and an older version is included with each lesson
  • A coloring page for younger and older is included that pertains to the lesson
  • Always begin and end with a prayer
  • The lesson is based on a real person, not on fiction, because no one can identify with fantasy with leaning on another’s experience – for good or bad consequences
  • A scripture from the King James Bible is incorporated in the lesson
  • A link for a song with the option of singing along or only instrumental that goes with the lesson
  • A dessert or food to make for each lesson
  • An activity to reinforce what was learned in the lesson
  • A chart you can download to rotate who has done what in helping with the various assignments of Family Time- Family Home Evening (FHE)


CopyrightCarrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

You can choose anyway you want to use these lessons and they have not been prepared by a professional counselor or are meant to take the place of anyone who might need to advise you in specifics for your family.  These are to benefit as you see they could be advantageous to your family.  No claims otherwise.