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Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE)

To give you some background about how the KITE became the focal point of this series; this is what happened:

I asked my grown son to go the park to fly a kite with me.  He had no idea it was really an experiment.

The day was still, with very little wind.

He ran and worked hard to get the kite up in the sky and soaring high above us.

We watched as it danced and dipped, floating without a care.

I took out a secreted away pair of scissors, and cut the string….

Does a kite need a string to soar higher?


Does the string hold the kite back?

The video will answer this question!

Does a KITE need a string to stay up in the sky?

Or…. does the string hold the kite down? 
Let’s see…..
With a longer, stronger string, the kite actually flies higher!!!
My series FAMILY TIME is for you and your family to have a resource to teach correct principles, so they hear from YOU what is important. 

See as ethics, values, and worthy morals are taught, the string becomes stronger. 
The purpose of Family Time lessons are to help each one of us live up to our divine potential, allowing us to soar higher than ever imagined! 

Come on over to A Mother’s Shadowwww.amothersshadow.com and click on FAMILY TIME 

Who is Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE) for?

  • Young and old alike
  • Children of all ages at home
  • Empty nester’s
  • Married and single

What can be gained (I know it can, and will be difficult at times to accomplish having Family Time weekly; however is anything worthwhile ever without opposition?)?

  • Faith and power to combat evil influences and temptations
  • Spiritual growth to every single person in the home
  • Lessons learned in the home are the most important, have the longest lasting affect and mean the most
  • Peace, calm and better feelings towards parents and children – kindness for each other will be more prominent.
  • The Lord’s Spirit will be with us and in our home.
  • An increase in self-esteem and personal worth as values and morals are understood and developed

What do I do?  Where do I start?

  • I will do my best to bring you complete lessons that you can use to teach your family God’s principles, commandments and morals, along with a chart for everyone to rotate through the fun of taking turns participating so everything is not left to you:)

Anything else?

  • I use real people and their experiences for you to teach and draw from so you and your family can learn from choices, consequences and the outcome of others.
  • Please make sure to ALWAYS have a discussion with each lesson, just a natural conversation, allowing each person (never, ever forcing – please!) to have a chance if they want to give their opinion of the lesson, what they learned and how it brought them closer to Christ.

I hope you will click the button and enjoy Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE) with your family; even invite over neighbors or friends!  Friends, Carrie 

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