June 25, 2013
A cold pasta salad using rotini pasta that has grapes, celery, crisp apples, smokey Gouda cheese and toasted almonds. All topped with a creamy poppy seed mayonnaise dressing for a perfect dish

Best Chicken Pasta Salad

My husband and I love a really good pasta salad, so I tweaked and experimented […]
July 9, 2013
Dinner Spinach Salad

Perfect Dinner Spinach Salad

My handsome hubby Stan grows the most scrumptious spinach in our garden! I wanted to […]
July 30, 2013
Mexican Style Chili

Mexican Style Chili

I concocted this recipe after wanting something different than my traditional chili recipes and to […]
August 13, 2013
An oriental style bowl filled with a refreshing salad made with Orzo pasta, rotisserie chicken, fresh vegetables and a light refreshing dressing with a little spice from chili sauce and cool from Ranch dressing

Asian Chicken and Orzo Pasta Salad

sian Chicken and Orzo Pasta Salad with sweet and cool dressing This Asian Chicken and […]
August 20, 2013
Sauteed Zucchini to Perfection

Perfectly Sauteed Zucchini

Thankful for the bounty of summer gardens… but squishy, mushy zucchini is….well, it’s just down-right-awful.   […]
August 22, 2013
Tomato, Cucumber and Chive Salad

Tasty Tomato, Cucumber & Chive Salad

Garden bursting to overflowing and need a fantastic recipe? Well, this fits the bill, is a […]
August 22, 2013
Roasted Corn On The Cob

Oven Roasted Corn On The Cob & Garlic Infused Butter

I have been given this recipe a few times, but I was skeptical. I finally […]
September 3, 2013
Fresh Garden Vegetable Pasta

Healthy Garden Vegetable Pasta

This is a fabulous summer that is quick, filling and low calorie, particularly if you use a […]
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