Candy Land Theme B-Day It was a grand daughter’s birthday party and the theme was Candy Land. It turned out fabulous! My son Devin and daughter-in-law Ashley made it all VERY economical, yet FUN for ALL ages!

The birthday girl was a bit a shy at the beginning, but still adorable, and looks so much like her mom.Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 4My son and daughter in law made the yard look festive also with Styrofoam lollipops they painted on round foam, wrapped in dollar store cellophane and tied with curling ribbon, ,gingerbread men and paper lanterns.Ashley was as creative as always with the theme.Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 3The backdrop is with all-a-dollar plastic table cloths, netting, The ‘wrapped candy’ were actually paper plates painted with swirled stripes, then wrapped in cellophane, also from the dollar store and tied with curling ribbon.  The center decor, and edge ties are balls aka pit balls (the ones kids have in enclosed areas or little swimming pools to jump in) and ping pong balls wrapped in cellophane also to resemble candy!  Ashley is incredible clever at using thing already on hand to decorate with, keeping costs down – or a dollar, or less

Then using the stacking bins also purchased at the dollar store, she filled those with all kinds of candy, such as mini colored marshmallows, candy from the large bins at the store (use coupons or whatever is on sale), it’s all new and exciting when at someone else’s house.  She also had cut up vegetables and dip, fruit and dip, round cheese puffs, candied popcorn, regular buttered popcorn, cookies and other treats. Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 6Another table had individual bags of chips, sacks for people to load their own choices of candy in, punch – there was pink and blue was brought out also – straws, napkins, cups and plates.Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 7Ashley asked me to bring pink popcorn for the party.  I made up some other colors to try it out and it was really GOOD!  Check out the recipe HEREKool Aid PopcornWhen it was time for opening presents, I loved this picture of Ashley asking who had brought the gift to make sure it was acknowledged, and my granddaughter reaching for it.Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 8

Stan helping our grand daughter with the gift he picked out. Daughter in law Ashley and son Devin enjoying their hard work of this amazing party.Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 2The other grandparents gave the most adorable gift!  This scooter and Minnie helmet; she had so much fun riding it around.Candy Land Theme B-Day 10 Along with the fantastic fun food and terrific company there was a bouncy house.  Here is my son Derek and his daughter.Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 5My two daughters and a granddaughter.Candy Land Theme B-Day 9Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

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