White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops

White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops
White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops

Want a sweet and salty fix?  Here it is.   My Aunt Peg called to tell me about a candy she had, and after her description, this is my version. I took a bowl to my mother-in-law Meredith’s house for her to try, she loved it and she uses 2 packages of white chocolate chips. I use one. You can decide how much coating you want. These are great right after making it, but if you can resist and let it sit overnight they get even better.   Because the flavor improves, they are store wonderfully for a few days.  Since they are so light, it’s a perfect gift to ship to family and friends for the holidays or any occasion.


White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops


1 bag of 16-20 oz. “Corn Pops” ( this is not the cereal, but considered a chip or snack food)

1 – 2  package(s) white chocolate chips  White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops 1Directions:

n a microwavable bowl, slowly melt chocolate chips, stirring and heating 20 seconds, stir to prevent burning.White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops 2Continue to heat for 15 – 20 second intervals, stirring after each time.White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops 3

Continue this process until the chocolate is completely smooth and the temperature is about that of a baby bath.

Pour melted chocolate over corn pops. White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops 4

Stir gently to evenly coat all the corn pops with the chocolate. Spread on waxed paper or allow to set up in the bowl.  Store in covered container.  Great now, but FABULOUS tomorrow.

White Chocolate Covered Corn Pops 5Carrie Groneman’s recipe, Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow

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  1. Would this work with yogurt coating or almond bark? Also, my sister has a recipe for Carmel covered corn pops which is so good. :-)

  2. We had our church staff party last night and our pastor made this in tins for gifts for the parents. :-) They love it! I haven’t made it before. I wonder if white chocolate would be good drizzled over regular popcorn too.

  3. The computer was acting up, so I don’t know if my comment went through. :-)

    We had our church staff party last night and pastor’s family made tins of this as part of their gifts. They love the stuff. I have yet to make it. I wonder if regular popcorn would taste good with white chocolate drizzled over it too.

  4. I would like to know How Long to let them dry after you mix the chocolate in. The one and only time I made these I put them in a covered bowl after mixing in the chocolate and they were soggy and I had to throw them out. A friend of mime and made these and I really liked hers, but mine didn’t turn out. I ask her but she didn’t know how long she left them hope. Hopefully someone can tell me. Thank you

    • Hello Brandy,
      I would let them sit out until they are ‘set’ meaning the chocolate is no longer sticky.
      I wonder if the problem is humidity. I don’t know where you live, but if it is moist or really wet, then it could cause any popcorn or these to go soggy. Another solution is to not use TOO much chocolate. I like the recipe I use because it has just the right amount of chocolate to corn pops. I hope these ideas help. Thank you for writing in.

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