Valentines Day is a fabulous time of year…it seems….unless you do not have a sweetie to send candy to, to buy flowers for, or make a card.  HOWEVER, it is a perfect time to find ways to look outside our self and see who might need a little love.

Come read some ideas of how to serve others, have fun and be incredibly happy!


The promotion of Valentines is that everyone MUST have a sweetheart, or life is over, you have failed, and all is lost.  Geez louiz, marketing at its best.  However, whether there is a sweetheart or not, everyone could use a friend, an act of kindness, a small thoughtful gift; so let’s take this opportunity to spread the love!  There are those who are feeling lonely and at a loss this time of year, and even isolated.

Who do  you feel impressed that needs a kindness done, and remember, age does not matter?

Someone came to your mind didn’t they???  I think so!  Don’t ignore it, and if no one did, then think a bit longer.  When you do have a name or two or three, here are some ideas that might help spread the enthusiasm of the holiday to last all year long.  Such as:

  •  take them to lunch or take lunch to them if they are unable to get out easily
  • take them a plant or even small tree to put in their yard
  • have a gift certificate delivered for any number of a variety of services, click HERE for ideas
  • make a special meal for a neighbor to come over, or to drop off to them
  • have others over for a game night who might not have a spouse or a family to be with that day
  • volunteer at a shelter or a food kitchen/bank
  • find a way to serve in the neighborhood by doing yard work or shoveling snow
  • make Valentine cards to send to military or veterans, many do not have loved ones who write to them and would not mind one bit if they were late getting to them
  • put together a little treat bag for someone, it doesn’t have to be big or expensive
  • do not be a sore loser – meaning, if someone at work, or a friend does have a sweetie and you don’t, take the high-road and be happy for them!
  • volunteer at the animal shelter or take approved treats or needed supplies
  • visiting a widow(er) or shut-in

We truly are defined by how we handle difficult situations, and this may be a challenging week for us.  If so, let’s put on a happy face, choose a way to serve (possibly different people or the same one) at least once this week, maybe even every day if it’s a small act such as anonymously dropping off a little treat. You will be amazed at the happy difference you will feel and how you will look forward to each day, instead of dreading it.

Please share your ideas with us at AMS of what you have done, or what others have done for you, at this time of LOVE. 

Copy­right Car­rie Grone­man,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today