Bath Bomb GiveAway

bath bomb giveaway
bath bomb giveaway

Hello my friends!

I discovered the most amazing shop E.V.E.R!  You can watch our FB Live and learn all about this truly remarkable store and the creative owner HERE

To begin, I want to explain why I’m giving you this fantastic opportunity to WIN a BATH BOMB from this generous owner, Larry.

A little while back, my mom was in town and we were looking for something to do.  I suggested we go walk 25th Street in Ogden because it’s been renovated quite a bit.

As we came to the end of one street, we happened on Making Scents Emporium.  

I want to you know that I am not an affiliate for this fabulous establishment.  I don’t usually enjoy these types of establishment because of the strong smells and how it gives me a headache.  However,  I was surprised at the light pleasant aroma, especially with the hundreds of tubes of concentrates Larry had to choose from, so that you could have your own scent concocted, as well as the pre-made made products on the shelf. After being in the shop for awhile, and it didn’t bother me at all!


After using a few of the extraordinarily high quality products, I just HAD to share them with YOU because you are my friends, and that’s what friends do! Seriously, I LOVE them!!! And the prices are so reasonable!!!

Larry has created his own products from scratch and this is his ‘baby’; his pride and joy….ok, next to his family of course.

When you visit his site HERE, which is still in progress, if you do not see a picture, or a description, you can email him at this address: [email protected], or even call the shop at this number 801.866.0303  – leave a message if it goes to voice mail, it gets busy there :) – and he will get right back to you!  Special information for those visiting the shop: Summer hours are 4-7pm Mon through Fri and 11-7 on Sat.

This is is a one-shop store, not a franchise, meaning Larry takes pride in every single item he puts on his shelf and creates all of them specifically for you, his friend, his customer.

Stan and I have been so impressed with everything at Making Scents Emporium, but here’s a few I’ll point out:

  • SOFT TOUCH EXFOLIATION  I hate how my hands get so dry and rough.  A little of this goes a LOONNGGG way and you get to choose the scent you want! 

  • BATH BOMBS These are SO popular and the price is AMAZING!  They are extremely moisturizing, and of course all the fragrances are not listed.

  • REJUVENATION SPRAY If you sit at a desk for any amount of time, you know how difficult it is to stay focused sometimes.  THIS product comes in a smaller bottle also.

  • RESTFUL SPRAY And because it’s difficult to unwind’s THIS!

  • THIEVES SPRAY I’m very excited to try this next winter during the flu and cold season

  • BATH SALTS  and THIS, oohhh, this I have plans for …keep watching:)

Larry VERY generously is giving away TWO bath bombs!

ONE bath bomb for a man 


ONE bath bomb for a woman


1- Join my email subscribers at any of my subscription optins, such as on the main page HERE *


2-AFTER you join, EMAIL me at [email protected] telling me you would like to WIN a Bath Bomb including your EMAIL address and name.  


3-THEN your name will be put in the drawing to be held Wednesday (6/28)!  


4-IF you have already subscribed to my email’s, simply EMAIL me telling me you would like to win!!!  

I like to thank all my special friends at A Mother’s Shadow with gifts like these!

*If you have any problems with the optins, don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll add you manually!

The winners will be announced on Wednesday evening the 28th about 5:30 mst on FB Live –


  1. MUST live in the continental USA to win due to shipping please.  
  2. Winner must claim within 24 hours or another will be chosen.

See you Wednesday!  Carrie

Celebrate the 4th of July!

Food, Fun and Crafts for the 4th!
Everything 4th of July to show off your Red White and Blue Patriotism.

Are you looking for EVERYTHING 4th of July?  I have it all here for you in the following links. ENJOY and have a wonderful time remembering our freedom and enjoying time with family and friends. 


Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwich HERE

Patriotic Popcorn with Printable Cone Cover HERE

Red, White & Blue Nacho’s for your meal HERE

DIY Fireworks T-Shirt HERE

Embellished Red, White & Blue Flip Flop HERE

Red, White & Blue and FUN Marshmallows HERE

Carrie Groneman’s recipe, Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

Tribute to Father’s


father's day
father’s day

Father’s Day was founded in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, who was born in Arkansas.

Dodd’s father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, was a single parent who raised his six children there.

After hearing a sermon about Jarvis’ Mother’s Day in 1909, she told her pastor that fathers should have a similar holiday honoring them.

Although she initially suggested June 5, her father’s birthday, the pastors did not have enough time to prepare their sermons, and the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of June.

Tribute to Fathers

The word Father can be interpreted in many ways depending on the family dynamics and circumstance.

A Father figure could be a father living with the family, possibly a grandfather, an uncle, an influential mentor, the list goes on.

What makes a ‘Father’?

I would like to suggest that it is a man who is

  • noble in character
  • lives high moral values
  • is an example that is praiseworthy to follow
  • leads out in honorable living. 

If you are blessed to have such a Father, please let him know how much he is loved and appreciated.

However, if this is not the case in your personal situation, realize that YOU can change the course for those in your own family.

A good man is held in the highest esteem when showing courage even in the face of adversity.  Determination to be a respectable man and father, even if outside influences dictate otherwise, cannot be valued high enough. 

Men who choose to be moral and upright in their life are truly a gift to all. If you haven’t had this example, please search out those who you can emulate.

Marry such a man to be your companion and partner in marriage.  Life will be all the sweeter.

Thank You to all the fathers – those in any position to influence for good! 

This is a wonderful Video from that I think you will enjoy

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today!

picture courtesy of Pixabay

WHY Should I Spend Time With MY Grand-kids?

Grandparents and Summer Fun
What to do with your Grandkids this summer

Strengthening bonds between grandparents and grandchildren of all ages is not just a good idea, but it’s critical to family stability.  

Your children will find strength in the foundation of family (even more so, as teens and adults) as they know their grandparent(s) on a personal level.

Summer is a GREAT time to take advantage of this opportunity to nurture this relationship with grand kids of ALL ages because there are so many inexpensive and free things to do.  Also, being out in nature instantly brings a relaxed and open atmosphere which is perfect for communication – whether it’s the first time you talk, or  you chat every day, the outdoors lends a natural setting for open dialogue. 

Have you considered that Grandparents have a unique position from that of parents or friends?



This is For Parents:

  • Parents who let their children, older kids and teens spend time with grandparents* are wise to promote this connection in anyway possible.


  • As a parent, don’t you need a break is sometimes? Having a grandparent(s) for the kids to go visit for even an hour; where the homework battles, the daily duties and necessary responsibilities are set aside for awhile, there is a healthy environment they can thrive in. The reason for this, is they can focus on the relationship, which will prove incredibly valuable as the years go on. Studies show that cognitive and social behavior is greatly improved the more time children, older kids and teens spend with grandparents. 


  • Grandparent(s) are a pillar of support to you, as a parent, to reinforce the values and guide in the morals you are teaching.  In stories and in other ways, give wisdom and tidbits of advice, which balances what you are doing in the home.


  • In this day and age of busyness and often living far from relatives, it is vital with the disintegration of the family in our society today, that you do not allow that in your family.  By promoting communication with grandparent(s)* the abundance of love, care and attention, that only they can give will pay off immensely as the years roll on.*
Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

This Is For Grandparents:

  • Make time for ALL of your grand kids. They are a treasure beyond any gems on the earth! No amount of money can compensate for the cherished time you will spend together.


  • I know it can be difficult to deal with the noise, chaos and a bit of a mess that comes with little ones when they visit.  However, the energy, love and hugs will far outweigh the temporary inconvenience.  They will love you unconditionally and in a way, that no one else can.


  • The older kids will open up to you with their problems if you give them the opportunity.  They may be dealing with small or large challenges that only you can help them with due to your experience, or that they may trust only to you.


  • And teens – they need you! Do not assume that with the changes in technology and life style, that you have nothing in common.  Remember, people are people, and the time in history does not change that.  We all have emotions, feelings, trials and tests to overcome.  They need your wisdom and perspective!  Be there for them, they are listening.  Don’t lecture, but share and have fun together.


  • When they become adults, they will come for to you for advice, look to you as a confidant and a source of comfort.  Be there to let them know that things will get better.  To persevere, always do the right thing, never compromise values and all will be well. 


What do you do if you have grand kids that you do not know as well, or that you don’t ‘connect’ with as easily?

  1. Pray to know what to do and how to reach them.  
  2. Ask the parents for help of what they like to do, what they like to eat, find something you could have in common.
  3. Be persistent, but considerate of the person’s personality, as you work to make the relationship strong.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get out of YOUR comfort zone to open the communication:)  

Now, here’s  some Summer FUN ideas you can do with the Grand Kids!

Summer is one of my very favorite times of the year.  There are so many places to go and tons of FUN to have!  

Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

I KNOW it can be difficult to get the family together, with so many schedules, ages and different interests, but I hope you will take on this CHALLENGE –

Which is: 

  • Do something with each and everyone one of your great-grand kids THIS summer
  • Do something with each and everyone of your grand kids THIS summer
  • Do something with each and everyone of your kids, if you have them THIS summer


It may take a lot of effort to accomplish this little challenge, depending on location and availability, but it will be worth all the effort even it it is not apparent at the first. 

Here are a few ideas of things to do:

  • Skype with grand kids. If the children are young, read them a short picture book via Skype.  If they are older have some jokes on hand (check out the local library or bookstore for a good one)
  • Play a board game
  • Have a little party at your house, just simple with one or two of them.  Another grandma I get to share my grandkids with did facepainting!  How fun is that!!!
  • If you can’t get everyone together at one time, still spend time with each one somehow that fits into your budget and health. 
  • Lunch or breakfast at your house, or at a restaurant, with a smaller group gives the opportunity for visiting.
  • Go to the park and feed the ducks and play on the play ground.
  • Visit an outdoor garden or easy trail to walk.
  • Play an internet game at a set time once a week – you can agree on one that is fun and appropriate for both of you.
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Visit an aquarium.
  • Take them to a water park, or a splash pad.
  • A museum geared for children, or older, depending on the age of grand kid.  Many are free and afterwards get an ice cream cone or small treat.
  • See a play – serious or fun.
  • Go fishing.
  • Go bowling.
  • Go on a bike ride together.
  • Go on a hike or an easy to walk trail.
  • Play the X-Box/gaming system together for a set time with the condition they walk around the block with you afterwards.  You will have something to talk about, maybe your poor ‘gaming’ skills??  But hey, you can laugh together about it and have that in common.
  • Sports such as tennis, 4-square (does anyone play that anymore?), hop scotch, you can come up with great ideas to ‘challenge’ them with.
  • This list could go on for pages and pages
  • Most important –  do NOT, I repeat, do NOT give up!! 

Some family members are more receptive to strengthening relationships and bonds within the family, and some may be a bit more resistant.   Keep at it, keep inviting, keep loving and be patient.

Picture1Take the opportunity to be with your family of ALL ages. 

We share grand kids with Derek and Donna Jaco. These two are very supportive of all of their grand kids and enjoy being involved in all they do.

Fun With Grandparents

Dinners and get-together s with all the grand kids are cherished events for the Jaco’s. 

Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

And, we share a brand new grandson!

Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

Another set of grandparents we share with are amazing and so incredibly creative!  They can make anything – seriously –  you can’t believe the elaborate FUN parties!!!

Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

One of the events they enjoy doing with the grand kids is – 

Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

Face painting for any holiday, or just because!

Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

We also share a couple of grand daughters with another set of grandparents who are really fabulous.  That Grandpa enjoys taking them into the garden and picking the delicious produce he grows.  The Grandma is an extremely talented musician and teacher.  She reads to them and sits with them at the piano either playing alongside, or helping move their fingers along the keys as they learn how it sounds. Tremendous people!

I'll Tell You Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll give you ideas on how to plant one, as well as why It’s important

It’s never too early – or too late – to build a strong family foundation.Collage Corn Huskers

Relationships are spending time, talking, laughing and simply being together.  That’s how communication flows, and love deepens.  Enjoy your family today, and everyday!!!

Fun With Grandparents
Fun With Grandparents

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2017

*Disclaimer: If there are issues with grandparent(s) or any family members, that could harm a marriage or children, you may want to seek professional help, or counsel as needed. 

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Do You Have a Garden? You NEED One!

I'll Tell You Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll give you ideas on how to plant one, as well as why It’s important

Do You Have a Garden? You NEED One!

Do you plant a garden?  If you check your local nursery or stores, you can most likely still find plants and it’s not too late if you get going:) 

Have you ever tried your hand at growing your your own food? 

Why should you? What if it’s just you, is it worth it?  I believe so, just for the simple fact of a bit of self-reliance, some skills learned along the way and yummy fruits and vegetables right out your own doors. 

There are so many reasons why it is important to teach our children to garden you can read a bit later in the post.

There are so many ways to garden!  

These are the types that I will address here in this post:  Our family garden, small-contained area, container garden, and the Box or Raised Bed that my friend and neighbor Jami Tolman is going to show us hers, and it is AMAZING!

Hopefully something will fit your needs, budget and resources.   And do NOT forget to check your area for community gardens to participate in also!

Container Garden

Let’s begin small with container growing.  I found a wonderful article on how to grow in many types of containers HERE

***This method works really well with herbs so you can keep them handy right out your door, or to bring them inside when the weather turns cold, or so they don’t take over your garden.

I wanted some cherry tomato plants, but they can take over the entire garden!  So we compromised and Stan helped me plant this attractive pot.

This same method will work great for:

  • peppers
  • cabbage
  • beans
  • peas
  • spinach
  • squash
  • and more!
  1. I purchased a pot, potting soil, a cage, soil moist granules (Stan really likes this to help maintain the moisture in the dirt), and I purchased ‘SunSugar’ Cherry Tomatoes.  I love the little sweet ones to eat plain instead of candy when I want a treat.
Let Me Tell You Want One
Do You ave A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

2- Stan began by filling the pot with the dirt and then making an indentation for the plant

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
 You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

3- Next he sprinkled in the soil moist granules (a personal preference)

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
o You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

4- Take the plant out of the original container (unless otherwise specified) and put into the hole deep.  Push the dirt around it.

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

5- Stan also added dirt from our garden since it is good soil, so that is an idea if you have it.

Then place the cage over the plant, centering it  and pushing it in rather deep.  Be careful not to hit the roots or the plant.

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
DoYou Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

6- Water, make sure it has the proper sunshine and there you go!

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

I’ll show you a small area of planting, our garden and box raised gardens – keep watching!


Why plant a garden? The reasons are far reaching.

  • As we plant a pot, or a plot, we can join in the beauty of creation.  To turn the dirt, exposing the rich dark soil and the smell of earth, brings life to the senses in a way that nothing else can.
  • Putting a seed or a young tender plant in the ground is so empowering to a young child and even to an adult. To nourish water and care for a plant gives a sense of responsibility, because if the plant is neglected, it will wither and die.
  • A garden gives the opportunity to teach the value of work. Our kids were always expected to help prepare it, plant, weed, water, pick and even to help freeze or bottle the food produced from our garden for the winter months.
  • As a family works alongside each other, it naturally provides a wonderful time to talk, laugh, and even open the way for deeper discussions about life, and whatever they want to talk about too.
  • Consider this: As the plant becomes strong and can bear fruit, we want our children to grow to become productive members of our family and society.
  • Food for thought: As some plants and trees shed their leaves and fruit for the winter to rest and regain strength, we also do this during difficult phases of our life.
I'll Tell You Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll give you ideas on how to plant one, as well as why It’s important


Our Family Garden

Our family garden is usually laid out like this, with modifications from year to year and experiments of how to make it easier.  

This particular year Stan tried pvc ‘cages’ over strictly metal.  He said he has mixed reviews on it….

He has the wire screens up for the cucumbers to grow up for easier picking. 

And look at those amazing herbs he grows for me to cook with!  

Notice the pot at the end of the garden, that has an aloe vera plant in it so it could be brought in during the cold season to prevent it from freezing.

The ground is a bit muddy from rain, but it’s a beautiful site to me that we are able to have one every year and it’s all because of Stan:) Thanks sweetie!

How Does Your Garden Grow

Small Area Garden or Contain Gardening

1- If you don’t have a large space to plant, or you do not want something to spread too far and take over, such as strawberries, here’s a way to do this.


Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

2- Plant in a contained area, such as this where it is backed by walls and pavers.


I'll Tell You Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll give you ideas on how to plant one, as well as why It’s important

Note: These particular strawberries came with the instructions to plant IN the container, and not to remove them from it.  They are biodegradable and have a fertilizing system within the container itself to feed it as it dissolves. 

3- Plant according to the directions on the tag, meaning as deep as it says and cover completely with soil and water as specified. 

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

Raised Bed or Box Bed Garden

For a Raised Bed Box Garden, my neighbor Jami generously allowed me to bring you into her lovely garden.  She also provided the details you will read with each picture. THANK YOU Jami Tolman for you kindness to share with us, and your inspiration to be a fabulous gardener!


Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

This box has beans on one side and kale, romaine lettuce and cucumbers on the other.  

The cucumbers are right next to the center line and will climb up the trellis. 

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

Bush peas grow on one side of this box.  The lettuce on the other side came up from last year.  

There was an empty space in the box so I planted a pepper plant there.  

When the peas are done producing, I will plant either bush beans there or hold off and do a fall crop of peas.  

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tel

This is my pumpkin trellis.  The pumpkin vines grow up and over.  Since pumpkin vines grown so long,  I turn them around at the bottom and they grow up and over again.  

The pumpkins fall throw the net and grow hanging down.  It makes it easier to pick and they don’t get misshapen or rotten bottoms from being on the ground. 

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

This is our deep box set-up.   Each tier is 6 inches tall for a total of 2 feet at its tallest.  We wanted a variety of depths and like this set up best.  

We planted carrots and peanuts in the top tier.  

Potatoes are the next tier down.  

We planted asparagus in the 2 twelve inch boxes.  

Marigolds and nasturtiums are in the 6 inch box at the bottom.  

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

Growing tomatoes up a trellis like this allows you to grow one plant per square foot.  

Pinch all the suckers off so your plant doesn’t get too bushy and then help weave it through as it grows.

Let Me Tell Why You Want One
Do You Have A Garden? I’ll tell you the benefits of why you want one, small or large!

Last year my corn was about 5 feet tall and not done growing when a fairly strong wind blew it over.  I had to build support system to help them stand back up again which was time consuming and not very effective.  

This year, I thought I would try to save them before they blew over.  I put a net over the soil and planted a corn in each hole.  Then I raised the net about 3 feet high and will help the corn grow in between the holes.  I will then place another net about 5 feet high and have a double support.  I am going to add 2 poles on each side of the long side of the boxes to stretch the net out seeing as it’s hanging down in the center right now. 

Again, thank you Jami for allowing us to see your beautiful garden and explaining how we can have our own Box or Raised Garden also!

HERE is a great article if you would like more information on how to grow your own Raised Box Garden.



I hope you will consider starting a garden of fruits, vegetables, herbs this year, or for sure next year.  It is a rewarding and gratifying experience.  ENJOY!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today