Spider Taco
Spider Taco

Want a fun and easy dinner idea to keep in with the Halloween season?  Amazing Spidey Taco to the rescue! Fast, simple, and great to make for family and friends. 

Amazing Spidey Taco’s


LARGE/JUMBO olives, 2 per spider

Corn tortilla shells that stand on their own

Taco ingredients:

cooked meat



Sour Cream  


Cut one olive per taco, in half, then each half into 4 slices to make 8 ‘legs’ per olive. As shown below.

Spidey Tacos
Spidey Tacos

Build your taco, then place one large/jumbo olive inside the taco for the body.Spider Taco 3Put each slice in place for the legs.

Spoon a bit of sour cream into a baggie, push to one corner and snip a very small hole at the endSpider Taco 4Dab a bit of sour cream for 2 eyes and there you have your Amazing Spidey Taco! Spidey Taco 5

Idea from the Kraft site, Copyright Carrie Groneman, 2014

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