About Why 'A Shadow'?

How do people see you?  Do they want to be like you?  Do they trust you to lead them in a GOOD life?

The concept of a shadow is fascinating, and there are different definitions to this captivating idea.

A shadow can be a comfort or scary.

Let's begin with the frightening definition first:  Remember as a child; being afraid of the dark? The shadows looming in the corners or under the bed threatened to almost smother and engulf you in fear?​ This shadow, if it were a person, doesn’t give a sense of moral direction, or teach you how to fight the battles with integrity, courage and is not a trusted source to turn to in times of trouble. This shadow projects counterfeit happiness, lies and goes with whatever is popular opinion or their needs over what's right.

The respectable shadow is a person you know is not perfect, but is trying to do their best to live a moral and honorable life. They persevere through difficult times, never compromising their moral standards even when it would be so much easier to do so; particularly in public arenas. You can trust their word, they have integrity and strive tenaciously to do what is right; which qualities are valued above all treasures.

The question is: What kind of SHADOW are YOU choosing to be?

Do we give reason for distrust or fear to our loved ones​ OR do we give peace and comfort?

How will our posterity feel about our legacy?​

It is never too late to change our SHADOW, that is the blessing of being here on this earth!​

At A Mother’s Shadow: we LEARN, we PRACTICE and we BECOME better

A little more every day to BE and leave a worthy SHADOW.

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