About Why 'A Shadow'?

How do people see you?  Do they really LIKE you? Do they want to be like YOU? Are you scary, hard, dishonest?  Are you a comfort, have integrity, a calming influence? What kind of person do you WANT to be? I have an interesting analogy that relates to shadows, direction in life, how to change, and to striving for good. 

The concept of a shadow is fascinating, and there are different definitions to this captivating idea.

Let’s first cover the distressing meaning of a shadow.​

You can think of a shadow as a comfort, or as frightening.​

Remember as a child; being afraid of the dark, not always knowing what was real and what was imagined? The shadows looming in the corners or under the bed threatened to almost smother and engulf you in fear?​

This shadow doesn’t give a sense of direction, or teach you how to fight the battles with the unknown foe appropriately, and whom you can turn to in times of trouble. They don’t pass on the tools, the knowledge, and the experience so you know how to handle the situation at your best.​

It is a source of gloom and unhappiness. One you distrust and do not want to follow but actually shun and turn away from.​

The respectable shadow is a person you know is not perfect, but is trying to do their best to live a moral and honorable life.

They persevere through difficult times, never compromising their standards, even when it would be so much easier, and perhaps losing a monetary advantage when refusing to compromise their moral standards. But you know they will do their best to live a life of integrity and you can trust them.

This shadow is a comfort, a relief and a shelter. Those times when you feel you have walked in the desert of loneliness, or are drowning in sorrow; here, you will find reassurance and encouragement to go on. They are there to cheer you and even carry you when they are able.

The question is: What kind of SHADOW are YOU choosing to be?

Our image reflects on everyone around us, and on everything we do.​

Do we leave fear and dread on our loved ones who see us daily?​

Or do we give peace, comfort and joy?​

What about our posterity to come, how will they feel about our legacy?​

It is never too late to change our SHADOW, that is the blessing of being here on this earth!​

Our thoughts are reflected in our actions which are displayed in our daily life. That becomes our legacy.​

Our aim is to live and leave a worthy legacy for our loved ones to see, learn from and love now; and for our posterity to follow.​

At A Mother’s Shadow, we LEARN, we PRACTICE, and we BECOME better, a little bit every day.​

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