About My Tagline

Do you feel you want to change and be a better person, but not sure how?

Do you want to learn what's meaningful and lasting, but not sure where to go?

That is what A Mother's Shadow is ABOUT

We are learning constantly. One of the most blessed parts of being a human, is that we have agency and choice to LEARN and improve in every aspect of our life. The fact that we are able to take on a challenge, LEARN how to conquer it, and then PRACTICE until we BECOME a better person, gives us astonishing potential! 

The greatest lie ever told is that we cannot change and become a better person.

We can LEARN new traits and skills if we are willing to put in the effort.  It may be more difficult than we imagined; but we can improve our situation and circumstances if we are willing to fail..get up and try again. Success only comes through growth. With PRACTICE, we can overcome the obstacles to claim the sweet victory of achievement and BECOME better.  Now we have more to offer others in service, help and benefit!

The calm and sweet feeling of satisfaction, the joy of accomplishment, the contentment of knowing we are making right and correct decisions; while setting an honorable example for our family now, and those to come. As we work together, determined to fulfill our divine potential, we will be BECOME more than we ever imagined! 

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