About My Tagline

Do you feel you want to change and be a better person, but not sure how?

Do you want to learn what's meaningful and lasting, but not sure where to go?

Well, you can stop looking my friend, because you have ARRIVED!

We are LEARNING constantly. It is one of the most blessed parts of being human and having the agency we do, to choose for ourselves, and what we want to become.

Even in the most oppressed societies and settings, we still have the choice of how to respond – whether with anger and hate, or forgiveness and to move on and improve ourselves in any way possible.

To take every opportunity to LEARN is a responsibility and a privilege we should seek in all facets of our life. Not just in a school, or scholarly settings; however, in any way we have the opportunity to progress and advance in knowledge.

The greatest lie ever told is that we cannot change and become a better person.

We can learn a new trait or a skill that we want to try. Though it may be more difficult than imagined, we can preserve and grow, and improve our situation.

We can decide to modify a bad behavior. It may prove harder than we thought, or we might fail at the first or twentieth attempt.

It takes PRACTICE.  Consistently, over and over and over.

See it’s about never giving up, we keep trying, sticking with it, being persistent so we can achieve our dreams.

PRACTICE is never easy, but it’s always worth it! .

As we work to learn, continue to practice despite any hardship involved, we BECOME the best possible person and as God wants and intends us to be.

The satisfaction, accomplishment, and the pure pleasure we feel is worth it all.

We have the ability and instinctive desire to BECOME more.

MORE of an example for others to follow.

To BECOME a shadow, a person who can be trusted as an example of how to be happy, joyful and to live an honorable life, full of purpose and worth.

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