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Have you found yourself reading your phone or computer screen and lost track of time, realizing that it's been over and hour , and you don't even know what you read? Is most of what you read fluff and nonsense?  So WHY come here with your valuable time to read?​

* Why is THIS site unique?

* What IS this blog about?

* Is it going to be worth MY time to read these posts? 

I cover topics that will guide you to see your value and worth, teach you life skills, and help you develop talents; all while achieving my goal of bringing out the BEST in YOU!

YOU are extraordinary!

YOU have so much good to offer , and you do every single day!

Why are YOU so important?

Because there is NO ONE like YOU!

Think about it. Not one other soul on the planet IS YOU! You are unique and special. YOU have a purpose, a mission and a plan to fulfill.

When you want to laugh, to learn new skills, to better your life ---

A Mother’s Shadow is the place for you to  come.

Here’s a sampling of the many exciting topics you will discover here:

  1. How to become a truly happy person; even in an unhappy world.
  2. Habits are the source of a meaningful and remarkable outlook. Here there are many techniques to help you achieve your goals and fit your own style.
  3. Self-Reliance is key to freedom. An important component for independence, self-assurance and a better life. You will find many resources here to become more self-sufficient.
  4. Strong family relationships are essential to a healthy life. We innately want to be loved, and to love others. In a family, regardless of how we are related, we desire to nurture, strengthen and be needed. The lessons learned in this setting are invaluable in teaching morals, ethics and much more. Here you will find ideas of how to do this and to boost your confidence in the good you are doing.
  5. Healthy dating associations are critical as you make the best choice in whom to marry. You’ll find tips when asking out a date, why to date and not just hang out, as well as what to look for as good and bad signs in a person for a relationship; and dating advice to help you in this stage of life.
  6. Marriage can be bliss or a place of disappointment. The greatest gift you can give to your children, is to love your spouse and show by example that your marriage is the highest priority. I have some ideas in this area for you.
  7. If you want to learn to cook, have dabbled at it, or are very experienced, there are recipes galore. Even specialty ones, including some to make outdoors
  8. We all leave this earth --- eventually and we all leave a heritage, one of good or bad; it’s our choice. You will find knowledge, inspiration and more about the importance of living and leaving a worthy legacy. You’ll learn much from the Musings and Lost Art Series to guide you for increased happiness now, and as the years go on.
  9. ​These are just a few examples to show how reading the posts at A Mother’s Shadow can help you feel rejuvenated, inspired and encouraged.

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