In the logo of A Mother’s Shadow, there are three heads: an older woman, a middle aged woman and a younger woman. Isn't it interesting that they are in the reversed order than you would expect?

Let me ask you to close your eyes and envision yourself in say...30, 40 or 50 years from now....

  1. What will you be like?
  2. Will you be surrounded by friends and family?
  3. Will you be happy and serving others despite your physical capacity?
  4. What will your connections with your family members be like?
  5. ​Will you be full of peace and joy?
  6. Will you bring contentment and happiness to others?
  7. Will you be the one reaching out and serving?
  8. Will you be a role model of how to persevere even in difficult times, while showing grace, dignity and courage?
  9. Will others see you as a person who truly cares about them over 'things?
  10. What are true morals and center grounding?  Others do, or eventually will see us for what we actually are.  Our true self always come through.

The reason why I ask you these thought-provoking questions, consider: our daily life’s thoughts and actions, really do lead to what we will BECOME and what we are now. 

At A Mother's Shadow the goal is to look at what our life is right now, where we are going and make changes for NOW - and in the future - we are truly happy and have a legacy of respect, trust and integrity.  There is no greater treasure than honor and righteousness.