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About Me

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Carrie. 

I am a wife, mother of five and grandmother to almost nine, so I do a lot of cooking I can share with you, which you’ll find in my Recipes

Do you believe that our decisions made today, influence our life tomorrow?

I do!

This is why my blog was born, A Mother’s Shadow. 

You’ll notice in my logo the heads reflect this very concept. 

At my place here, there are tremendous resources in my Lost Art Series to LEARN and educate our self in skills and talents. Then support as we PRACTICE correct choices; which will bring unimaginable power to BECOME the best person possible.

Regrettably, in society, and the ‘latest research’ will suggest that doing whatever we want makes a person happy in the moment is ok, that family is not important and traditional standards are no longer needed. 

However, we are wise and know this is not true!

We realize how critical it is, to discover and understand our real worth in God’s eye’s, and His commandments.

That is why parenting is a foundation building block in a child’s life, as well as that of a strong community, since it is in the home, that the most important messages are taught.

My series Family Time – FHE ,will be a strength to you, as you teach your family correct principles and morals.

As I inspire and encourage with analogies and life events through  Musings we can work together to leave an HONORABLE SHADOW now, and for our future posterity.

A Shadow?

Yes, a shadow!

See, shadows can either be seen as the image in the dark which frightens and disorients…..


It can give shade from the heat of trials and discouragements of life. 

We want to be one who is a comfort, a trusted guide for what is right and a positive role model to all around us.

I hope you will visit often and please reach out anytime; I’m here to visit.  Just email me at [email protected]

My best to you in all you are doing for good,


Recognize A Blessing And Be A Blessing Today