About Carrie

I began this blog to share life lessons I’ve learned over the years; some the easy way and some came more difficult. I love to draw analogies from everyday life; which I call MUSINGS, which are a central part of my blog.

I believe that the more talents, abilities and knowledge we obtain, our life is improved incredibly, and it becomes the vehicle for which we can share and help others. That is why I have The LOST ART SERIES.

Cooking has always been a joy since I have a large family, and of course that is easily seen in the RECIPE section.

Service is essential to a truly joyful life. I have a section where you can find opportunities to help others; sometimes as A Mother’s Shadow community we will work on a project together, but always there will be individual and family projects for you to choose from. That is in the SERVICE icon on the main page.

You are always welcome here! So come on in, have a seat and let’s visit. You’ll come away refreshed and ready for whatever life brings, because we are friends here at A Mother’s Shadow,


About My Books, My Posts, Recipes or anything you’d like to chat about!

Carrie Groneman, USA

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