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A MOTHER'S SHADOW - Front Cover (for Amazon)
Emily Cross is a pioneer in every sense of the word. Navigating a new marriage, as well as journeying to unsettled territory in the early 1800s United States, she has many lessons to learn. Through the indescribable joys, along with profound heartache, Emily grows closer to, and knowing God. Emily’s story provides inspiration for prevailing through hard times with dignity, faith, and courage.

Each chapter has a section that will urge readers to live a better life and how to leave a noble legacy for generations to come. Part historical fiction, part self-help, A MOTHER’S SHADOW will prompt readers to live a richer, Christian-centered life. Come along as we learn more about our self while we follow Emily’s adventures in 1800 USA.

A Mother’s ShadowA novel by Carrie Groneman

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  1. A. Loaiza

    I loved this book! It was written in such a unique way with self-improvement sections weaved through the story. As a newly married young woman, I could relate to many of the experiences, even though it was a different time period, and the self-improvement sections made it more than just a novel. Absolutely loved it!

  2. Jody Meza

    I love this book! It is one that I can read again and again. It has simple but elegant reminders of the things that we should already be doing. Some of them we know and some we might not know. This story is well written in a time period that is intriguing to find out about with principals that we can relate to todays trials. The writer was truly inspired to write so beautifully about such a tough topic. This is a must read for all, but especially those young married couples or about to marry. This book will guide you to “Choose the Right” in a whole new way.

  3. Tamara Clark

    We cannot express how impressed we are with this book! It presents such a wonderful overall message which she conveys through the story and the musings.
    This structure of story and musings woven together make this more than an inspiring story. It invites us to ponder the message, and helps us discover how to live a more fulfilling life walking with the Savior. We have obtained a signed copy to place with other inspiring reading material available to our guests in our Bed and Breakfast. We are sure it will bless many lives over time.

  4. Jana Belliston

    *Comment by Jana B. brought from Amazon by Carrie: I have never read a book in this format before; a story intertwined with inspiring advice from the author, that correlates with the story being read. That was anintriguing concept in itself and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The format encouraged me to consider my own personal experiences and whether or not I choose to take a higher road in situations or I choose the opposite. This book encouraged me to consider the example I am being to my posterity as a result of my choices. Wonderful! Thank you Carrie for writing this

  5. Allene R. Voreis

    *Comment by Allene V. brought from Amazon by Carrie: I really liked the way the author wrote an interesting story and included wisdom after each chapter to relate the elements in the story to ways we can improve our lives today. I love to learn and I learned about things in more detail, such as the actual process of making soap, in her story, which was set in the 1800’s. I would definitely read other books by this author.

  6. Connie

    What a wonderful pioneer story. The story is great and the musings following each chapter sure do give you pause to think about your own life and attitudes . Loved the book , I recommend it to everyone .

  7. Yummers

    *submitted under the name YUMMERS, copied here from Amazon by Carrie Groneman: This book kept me coming back for more. I thoroughly enjoyed the parts when Emily lets family get underneath her skin as hard as she may try to rise above it. (I let that happen too often in my life) My favorite thing about the book I think were the “musings”. Finding the enjoyment of the story and then adding how we can make changes in our lives to make our families see the potential we all have. I have already recommended this book to my sisters in hope they get something from the book like I did.

  8. Sondra L. Bingham

    *Comment by Sondra B. brought from Amazon by Carrie: This was a great book! I loved the story and the insights. It makes me want to live a better life and help me realize we all make mistakes, it is what we do after the mistake that really shows our character. This is a must read if you want to improve your life and help others along the way. Thanks so much Carrie for sharing your talents in writing this book.

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