How is Your Life Going?

Are you happy with where you’re at?

Is all a huge thumbs up?

It’s All GOOD

Have you heard that little sentence before? It seems to be permeating our culture, and now even common place for about any situation. For example I accidentally bumped into a lady at the grocery store and her response to my apology was, “It’s all good”. I gave the wrong change to the clerk and his response was, “It’s all good”.

I’ve thought about this statement quite a bit this week. Do you ever have those times when you feel ‘not enough’? Not enough as a parent, as a son or daughter, as a spouse, as a ______, the list could go on forever.

My mind went to a conversation I had with an acquaintance some years back when he was talking about taking his family to Disneyland. I said that would be a terrific family time and thrilled for them; I sincerely meant it too. He said it was their sixth or twentieth time there and I mentioned that we had never taken our family, but hoped that someday we could take the kids and grand kids. He looked at me and with real concern said, “You have never taken your kids to Disneyland?” I was a bit embarrassed, not sure why I was, but I was nevertheless, and replied, that no we hadn’t been there as a family. He then asked (and he was not joking), “Don’t you love your kids?” I sputtered out that of course I do, but the means and circumstances were just not available to us when the kids were growing up.

I mulled the conversation over and though, no, we did not have the means to go to Disneyland (and yes would have been awesome); however, we camped and had other fun adventures that were bonding times and wonderful memories for our family that I am sincerely grateful for.

MUCH too often we compare ourselves to others situations, talents, opportunities and even trials. But, when we get right down to it, there IS good in our life. There are positives and blessings to be genuinely appreciative of.

The world we live in moves so fast, with access to immediate information – and what others are doing/accomplishing, and so on, yet, what about our life? Isn’t grand to be here! What if we took a deep breath, put things in perspective, smiled a full toothy grin and said aloud, no yelled, at the top of our lungs: It’s all GOOD!

It seems that sometimes we put the GOOD in our life on the back burner, or even fail to recognize it, all because we compare and maybe even envy a little. 

So, instead of feeling inadequate, how about if we find out advantages?  I challenge each of us to find THREE wonderful things in our life, every single day, THIS WEEK, then say loud enough for all to hear:  IT’S ALL GOOD!

Copyright A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.