9 Fabulous Family Friendly Hot DrinksI have been working hard for you to put together a collection of hot drinks that are family friendly; drinks that everyone can enjoy.  These are not the usual packets that come in a box, nor the taste by a long shot either.  I wanted to bring you a collection of some instant that you can make ahead to mix with hot water in a hurry. I also have some unique drinks such as the hot buttered rum drink that is made from a batter you keep in the freezer.  The salted caramel hot chocolate rivals anything you can purchase, believe me, and try it with smoked salt…oohh, now that’s a treat.  I have links here on the following pages for each of the drinks shown.  They are listed from 1 to 9 though they are all favorites. I hope you enjoy them – we sure have!

BEST Non Alcoholic Family-Friendly Hot Drinks

#1 This Caramel Apple Cider is my copycat version of Starbucks.  Recipe HERE

Carrie's Caramel Apple Cider #2 My mom made a mix when I was growing up, then I made it for my kids.  I kicked it up a notch and came up with this Extraordinary Instant Hot Cocoa Mix.  Recipe HEREExtraordinary Instant Hot Cocoa Mix

#3 This homemade Gourmet Hot Chocolate earns its name fair and square.  Recipe HEREHot Chocolate 1

#4 BEST Instant White Cocoa Mix is so good and can be made up ahead to have on hand for when you want a wonderful cup of cocoa. Recipe HERE

???????????????????????????????????? #5 This Cozy Vanilla Drink is sophisticated and has a depth of aroma that is so satisfying.  Recipe HERE Cozy Vanilla Drink 1 #6 When you want something easy, but delicious, this CREAMY CrockPot Hot Chocolate is perfect.  Recipe HERECreamy CrockPot Hot Cocoa

#7 This exotic hot chocolate is incomparable to any other in its distinctive and authentic flavor.  It has a perfect balance of a bit of sweet and an amazing flavor. Click HERE for recipe.

Authentic Homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate
Homemade Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate

#8 My Gourmet Salted Hot Chocolate, in my humble opinion rivals any you will buy in a shop.  Recipe HEREGourmet Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate#9 This hot Buttered Rum drink is nonalcoholic and very unique and wonderful.  Recipe HERENonalcoholic Buttered Rum Drink