2nd Sunday Dinner – Sept ’16

2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016

2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about preparing ahead for this particular 2nd Sunday dinner.  You can read about it HERE

My right knee replacement went well and everyone did a FABULOUS job pulling off 2nd Sunday….as I sat :)

My handsome hubby Stan was the hero, as usual to pull it all off!!!  He, our son Derek and daughter Delsi put out all the tables and chairs (as well as any cleaning that still needed to be done) the night before. THANK YOU so much!!!!

I made the Raspberry Cheesecake Salad, but that was about it – other then what I made ahead, of course.

Sunday my sister Jody came to help put out the food, dishes and whatever else needed. She’s always willing and the best to do whatever is needed!

2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016
2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016

We had Coleslaw with my really easy homemade dressing.  You can get the recipe HERE

Perfectly seasoned Homemade Coleslaw
Stop HERE Best Colesaw

And this Raspberry Cheesecake Salad that went super fast – wow! The recipe is HERE

Cheeesecake Salad with raspberries
Raspberry Cheesecake Salad

Baked beans simmered in the crock pot.

2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016
2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016

Rolls to go with the Slow Cooked Pulled Pork to have with or without BBQ Sauce.  

2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016
2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016

See the recipe for the Pulled Pork Sandwiches HERE

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Tawni (my daughter-in-law) brought over the Peach Pound Cake and Zucchini Cakes I had made ahead and stored in her freezer.  ***BIG TIP:  Give your cakes enough time to thaw, I miscalculated, and people were so kind, they still ate it!

2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016
2nd Sunday Dinner Sept 2016

Here’s the recipe for one of the most popular recipes on my site: Peach Pound Cake HERE  Thank you Virginia and Bryce for the peaches for the cakes!

Fresh Peach Pound Cake


I LOVE this dessert and it was pretty much gone.  Recipe for the Zucchini Cake HERE

Zucchini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Easy and Moist Zucchini Cake

Stan and I can’t tell everyone how much we appreciate your help with this dinner particularly.  And especially the for chance to meet people in the neighborhood, some who just moved in and some who have lived here awhile, but now they are new friends!!!

Carrie Groneman’s recipe. Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2016

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Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.


  1. Carrie,

    You Sunday Supper turn out so great. I do not know how you felt like pulling it all together but you amazing me. I am going now to check out your Raspberry Cheesecake salad. It sounds extremely delicious. I love that you used your slow cooker to cook a lot of the food. What would we do without our crockpots? The peach cake and zucchini cake look amazing too.
    I know you must be so thankful to live by family to help you pull it all together. It sounds like everyone helped pull together to make it happen. What would you do without Stan??

    Thanks for sharing these delicious recipes!

    • Hi Diane, I couldn’t do most anything I do without Stan! I agree – crockpots are the BEST. My family really are amazing to chip in and help in tremendous ways and I’m so grateful for them. Wish you could come to one!!!

  2. Looks like another successful dinner was had with family and friends was had. Also, so happy to hear that your surgery went well, others helped to pitch in and that you are on the mend now. Thinking of you and still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers <3

  3. The food looks amazing! But I’m sitting here wondering….how in the world did you pull this off? I know you had lots of help, but my goodness! You must have been one of those kind of people who NEVER called in sick for work. You would just bring your flu, sniffles, allergies, aches and pains right on in to the job with ya!

    But seriously, I’m sure your neighbors were grateful for the good food and fellowship. I see you brought out your infamous peach cake for this particular dinner!!

    Great job….I don’t know how you do it…but you do!

    • Aawww thank you Tasha for the kind compliment to my family, friends and myself. It was a tricky one to pull off, but everyone worked together, I cooked and prepped a lot ahead and it came off without too many snags. Wish you were here!!!

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