It was 2nd Sunday and we had one of our largest crowds ever, which made Stan and me so happy.  Neighbors brought people to meet new friends, and it was really a wonderful time.

I have been asked many times how & why we do this dinner every month, here’s a few of the reasons

  1. We feel very strongly that we are to host this dinner.
  2. Miracles happen every month.
  3. The people that come are wonderful and become friends

Here are a few of the latest miracles:

When our grand daughter was born a few days before 2nd Sunday, and struggled with life for several days, we had the energy and strength to help with the other grand kids, keep up my blog responsibilities & Stan his work, deep clean, cook, prepare and still hold the dinner.

I have a small budget set aside for this event and, without fail, miracles happen, for example –

One month I really wanted to make my Asian BBQ Chicken, but the meat alone would bust my budget. As the day came closer I felt impressed to go to a local store. Of course I did, and found they had exactly what I wanted at marked down prices!

This month I wanted to make the Beef Bourguignon I posted, but that particular cut of meat would be much more than a few months of my set-aside-funds for the dinner. Again, I felt to go to a certain store, and found the butcher was marking the meat down to about the cost of hamburger due to the upcoming marked date!

It is not an easy task to pull off every month, but it is so worth it and we relish in the feeling in our home as we get ready for and have the dinner.


Now for this month’s menu:

  • Beef Bourguignon over Chunky Masked Potatoes (click HERE for the recipe)
  • Strawberry Mousse   (I am so sorry my neighbors who I said I would have this recipe up – I forgot to take pics and write down what I did! I’ll make it again next month and put it up then)
  • Rolls & Butter
  • Green Salad & Dressing
  • Sugar Bars with Cookie Butter & Chocolate (recipe coming)
  • Stuffed Angel Food Cake (recipe follows)
  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Carrot Sheet Cake















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Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.