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Always Be Kind To Animals


Be Kind To All Animals, They Are God’s Creations

The purpose of Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE) Lessons are to give your family the opportunity to be together: learn God’s commandments, His Gospel, strengthen family relationships, open communication and have the tools to teach important values and morals.   R

Remember the kite string allows a person to soar, not hold them back.  To learn more, click HERE  and HERE


This lesson is about the importance of being kind to animals, being patient with them and realizing that they are not the same as people. 

It also addresses the value we have as human beings. 

The purpose of the Family Time Chart is to give each person a responsibility so they have a purpose and reason to be involved in the lesson.  As they rotate in the tasks, they learn new talents they may not know they had!  

I hope you can use this lesson as a resource and adapt to your family so that each feels included, loved and it is a way to explain ethics and beliefs that God has given as a foundation so we can soar and reach our highest potential here on earth. 



1- Down load the family chart HERE which is editable/fill-in so you can keep track of which family member has participated how and when.

Chart for Family timeWay to keep track of assignments during family time and family home evening

2- Read through the lesson ahead of time, as well as provide support to all participating so they can be prepared. It may be helpful to young children or those needing extra guidance, to be ready with their part of the Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE) Lesson so everyone can feel needed and successful. 


3- Print of any pictures, coloring pages, etc., that you will be using during the lesson.


4- Here’s a big secret I’ve used with raising 5 kids and having Family Home Evenings.  Of course a treat is NOT necessary, but it IS a great help.  My biggest trick…ssshhhh…. keep a hidden purchased bag of candy or cookies that everyone likes as a backup, just in case there isn’t time to make a dessert.  I know it isn’t necessary to have something, but it’s easy to use it as an excuse for some reason sometimes. Having a treat, some fruit, something everyone likes, goes a long way in getting everyone together :-) 


5- Most important! Remember that not everyone is always cooperative and supportive all of the time.  But keep at it.  This is one of the most valuable and long-lasting ways you can spend your time with your family. Let discussions and conversations flow naturally. It will bring a spirit of cooperation, love and long lasting relationships like nothing else can.




Click HERE for the picture of George and the family mule

Always Be Kind To Animals
Be kind to animals they are God’s Creations. We also have value as the sparrows.

Adapt this lesson in accordance to your family’s needs, so each individual is able to grasp the importance of being kind to animals, and how important they are to God.


1- Begin with a SONG: (You can sing along with just the music or the music and voices, as you click on the tabs provided.  If you/your family are unfamiliar with the song, have it play the vocal with the music through, then sing along the second time through.)

 Kindness Begins With Me, Children’s’ SongBook  Click on the song title and choose music, or music and vocal


2- Opening PRAYER:   Of course there are many ways to pray, just please include it since it’s so important for your family! For Family Time, take turns, or whomever is most comfortable saying a prayer may want to do it more often.

If you have any questions, or want to know more about prayer, this link will help you.

Also here is this video


3- Ask this QUESTION:

Have you ever hurt an animal just because you were mad, frustrated or angry?


4- Person in charge of the STORY: (give whichever version, or adapt to combine)

Younger Version

A long time ago a boy named George was asked by his Papa to go get their family mule so they could go to town.

Back then the mule was very important to the family to help with the work, to pull the wagon, and so many other things.  This family loved their mule and it’s name was Blue.

George went to get Blue as his Papa had asked.

He called to the mule, but Blue wouldn’t come.

George pretended to have a carrot behind his back, but Blue still didn’t come, so George yelled at him and called him names.

Blue started to run away from George because it frightened him.

This made George mad, so he picked up a rock and threw it at him, hitting Blue in the eye.

George felt so bad!  

He told his Papa what he did, which is so good he didn’t lie.

Blue got an infection in that eye and went blind.

George always felt so bad about that and promised he would never hurt Blue or another animal again.

He never did, even though he lived to be 103 years old!

We must treat animals kindly when we have pets or visit others who have pets. 


Older Version

George Dawson was a remarkable, kind and generous man who lived to be 103 years old!  He even learned to read at 98 years old because it was the first time he had the chance to do it! He had a wonderful outlook and loved life.

When he was asked if he had any regrets, his answer was yes.  It was when he hurt Blue, the family mule.

See back in the very early 1900’s cars were scarce and mules were very important, especially to poor people.  For plowing to put in crops for growing their food, pulling the wagon and other things that required strength.

The trouble happened when George was told by his father to go hitch up Blue to the wagon before going to town.

Well, animals are different than we are and they are supposed to be.  We think more, communicate at a much higher level and can reason things out.

George could have gotten a lump of sugar or a carrot to persuade Blue to come to him, making it easy to put on the halter in order to hitch the mule to the wagon, but instead, he only pretended to have a treat.

Blue must have figured it out by the smell or sight and wouldn’t just come by the demands of George calling, then yelling at him.

In fact, Blue started moving away, which made George angry.

Instead of going into the house for a carrot, or calming down and remembering it was an animal he was working with, George picked up a rock which hit Blue right smack in the head.

Blue started braying (the sound a mule makes) in pain.

George tried to get close to help him, but the mule didn’t trust him now and wouldn’t let him near. George worried because he could see the eye was really hurt.

He knew he had to go tell his dad what had happened.  This showed George’s character, he didn’t lie about what he did.

The family didn’t have the money for a veterinarian to care for Blue, however, they did the best they could; sadly Blue went blind in that eye.

George was very ashamed about what he did. How could he ask forgiveness of a mule?

In his book George said: “We was to have that mule for many more years.  Every time he looked at me, I hurt inside. To this day, I still feel badly about it.  I promised myself that I would never hit an animal again. And, though it’s been more than eighty-years, I never have.”  LIFE IS SO GOOD by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman



(Person in charge of this would be prepared to read from their scriptures or from online)

5- SCRIPTURE: (show picture of sparrows and coins)

King James Version – Luke 12:6

Questions to ask after reading the appropriate version of the scripture below (younger or older):

1- Are animals important to us?

2- Are animals important to God 

3- Are we important to God?

Click HERE to download this picture

Family Time lesson
Family Time lesson about the importance of not hurting animals. Why we are important and so are the animals

Young Version

King James Version – Luke 12:6  Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?

In Jesus’s time, people would go to the market to buy food instead of the store like we do. 

Poor people ate sparrows because they were so cheap to eat.

Jesus is telling us that even though the sparrow wasn’t worth very much money at all, God still knows about every single sparrow. 

Just like the sparrow, God knows about you and me.  He knows our name, and He loves us.

Like the sparrow, all animals are important to God because He created them and wants us to be kind to them.


Older Version

King James Version – Luke 12:6  Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?

Back in the time when Christ lived, birds were generally used for food.

There were many types of birds, but the sparrows were the least expensive that could be purchased, and cost only a farthing for two of them.

Actually, if you bought a large quantity, you could get them even cheaper.

So how much was a farthing worth?

The ‘farthing’ was a tiny copper coin that held only a very small value.

So to Jesus was telling us that the farthing, which is almost insignificant in value still purchases two sparrows.

The value of two sparrows would be considered nothing to that of a human life.

 YET, Jesus is saying that God knows and cares about every single sparrow.

God has a reason for every single creature and animal He creates.

We have the responsibility to be kind to the animals we have a responsibility for as our pets and any that we can otherwise.


6- Person in charge of this, should have it copied off in advance, with colored pencils or crayons ready –


Click HERE to download this coloring page for younger kids

Always Be Kind To Animals
Be kind to animals they are God’s Creations. We also have value as the sparrows.

Click HERE to print a coloring page like this for an older version

Always Be Kind To Animals
Be kind to animals they are God’s Creations. We also have value as the sparrows.


7- The person in charge of this can talk about it, or arrange it as an activity for the family

ACTIVITY Possibly go to, or donate to a shelter.  You can see our experience when we did this HERE


8- Closing PRAYER: Person Assigned 



Person assigned to the dessert, I have two options for this lesson you might like-

9- TREAT/Dessert:

I have two options for you that have the theme of animals.  You can easily make it, or have the family make them with you.

First is this fun cake. 

Bake a your desired flavor of cake in two parchment lined 8″ or 9″ round pans, that have been coated with non-stick spray release; as directed on the package.

Frost with prepared frosting.  I used 3 cans of the fluffy white frosting for this.

Decorate with 1/2 to 1 bag of Circus Cookies

Family Time Treat - Cake with Circus Cookies
Family Time lesson about the importance of not hurting animals. Why we should be kind to animals and care for


TheThe them.The second treat is super quick and easy. 

Remove purchased Swiss Rolls from the packages.  If they are sticking to the cellophane wrapper due to heat or humidity, place in the freezer for a couple of minutes. 

Place the Swiss Rolls on a plate.

With a dab of frosting, or you really don’t need this just get it a tiny bit wet, place gummy butterflies, or frogs, or whatever critter you want on the ‘logs’.

Family Time Treat - Swiss Rolls with Gummy Butterflies
Family Time lesson about the importance of not hurting animals. Why we should be kind to animals and care for them.

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