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We get to have the BEST time together!  I’ll tell you all about it in just a minute.

Have you found the SERVICE OPPORTUNITY picture on the main page of my blog?  

I hope so!

It’s one of my many (well, they all are my favorite :lol: ), but this is a very special place to visit.



When you visit that page, I have LOTS of ideas of how you, or your family, or as group of friends, can get together to serve and help someone.

See, it’s all set out to find a project that is a small one to a large one. Kinda like the bowls of porridge that Goldilocks found, you will find one that’s ‘Just Right’ for YOU! 

NOW, for my very exciting news about how we all get to work together!

I’m happy dancin right now, because this is the VERY FIRST A Mother’s Shadow Friends and community Service Project Opportunity that we are going to work on together!  -whew, that’s a mouthful  :-D 



Well, this is the plan:

Beginning NOW, and going through September, would you please hold a YARD-GARAGE Sale and consider donating some of the proceeds to one, or all of these organizations:

Find our more about these organizations HERE on my Service Page.

Humanitarian Services

Operation Underground

Days For Girls


Here’s the game plan I’m going to do, and of course you can make one that works best for you:

I’m going to dig in and deep clean and maybe you need to also?

Anyway, I’m going to get ready for an upcoming Yard Sale, or as some call it, a Garage Sale.

My mom Connie wrote a post about getting the most for your buck at these opportunities; which might help as you set yours up. You can see mom’s tips HERE 

If you don’t want to have one at your house, there are also options for 24/7 FB Sale Boards in many areas.



Between NOW and the end of September please



Those three organizations I mentioned above,  that you can find HERE, would you please donation a portion, or all, depending on your circumstances.



On the Service Page, at the bottom in the RED BOX, I will keep a count of how MANY people are participating.  

So, please as you do this, make sure to email me with the NUMBER OF PEOPLE involved in your Yard-Garage Sale, so I can count you all in!  

My email is [email protected]

Let’s make miracles happen! and remember Recognize A Blessing And Be A Blessing Today

Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 5/2017

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