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Blog Getting A New Look

I am very excited for the changes that are happening on A Mother’s Shadow and you get to see it happening LIVE – How cool is that!

Why am I changing it up? Well, because I was never able to showcase all that I have to offer you with the other layout that I had.  You couldn’t easily see all the topics in the MUSINGS, LOST ARTS, RECIPES and some of the other exciting things I have, such as service opportunities and offers I have too! It took months of searching, but I finally found just the right layout, or theme as they call it, that will work with what I need.

Now, due to the special requirements I have for my site, it has been a huge amount of work and as those of you who visit often, know that posts have not been regular and I do apologize for that.  Due to my knee replacements, hoping to get this site redone months ago and other issues, I hope you will hang in there with me; it will be worth it.

I have angels to thank, and truly they are angels that are making this all happen.  

YOU, family and friends who have stuck with me and encouraged me the past several months through some difficult times, how can I tell you how much it has meant to me?!  

To Souad Chair who spent endless hours helping me find the perfect pictures for the new layout on the site. She is spectacles and SO nice too. At The Smart Help Souad can take care of so many tasks to save you time and money$$$. You’ll find her HERE.

The awesome Jennifer Johnson who helped install this amazing theme (her creation by the way).  

To the fabulous Rachel Cooley who is an AMAZING Pinterest guru and making a huge difference! Here is her site and fellow bloggers, do yourself a favor and head over to pay her a visit.  She is the BEST thing that has happened to my Pinterest Board E.V.E.R. Click HERE to see for yourself.

And the genius Katie Clark who came to my rescue this week to set up my blog in this new theme.  It’s not as easy as an expert like her makes it look – I can testify to that!  Katie and her husband have two adorable young boys and run a really great blog called ClarksCondensed, which is all about families.  ClarksCondensed is definitely a blog to check out and follow by clicking HERE 

Keep watching the magic happen as Katie and I work get my site perfect.  Also, I am creating LOTS of printables and downloads for my fabulous email subscribers and for all of YOU that should be in place in the next couple of weeks.  I am one happy dancin’ girl!

Thank you so much for your patience and friendship:)  Carrie



  1. I’m excited to see the new format. I know that it will be spectacular! You always have great information and insight.

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