The Lost Art of Cleaning – Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning Baseboards

Do you ever think about those lowly and easily ignored baseboards?  They do need to be cleaned you know!

No problem!  My sister Jody Meza is the queen of clean; we learned this from our mom, Connie, and she is back to help us with those too often forgotten baseboards.  

It isn’t difficult at all to do, and when the baseboards are clean in a home; particularly with the trick Jody will show us, the whole house seems fresher and almost like a new coat of paint happened in the entire house. 

Click to the next page and see how easy and quick it is to give your house a shine, and see what trick Jody has up her sleeve!


Jody’s tutorial:

Baseboards are often forgotten when cleaning because they are clear down there at the bottom of the ground.

Being the lowest point in the room, it automatically makes them dust catchers; therefore needing desperately to be cleaned.

No worries, let’s take this in easy steps.

Mix up a bucket of  Lysol OR ammonia and water, according to the directions on the bottle.

Start by getting down on your hands and knees in one corner and will go all the way to the end of each base board, that way you do not miss a spot.IMG_0960 Scrub them good, in the all rooms of your home. IMG_0958 If I have scuffs from shoes that won’t come off with my regular cleaner, then I have to break out the big guns, my Magic Eraser (a product found in the cleaning supply isle). It will clean off just about anything.

Caution! The thing to be careful with, is sometimes a Magic Eraser will also take the color out of some paints, so you may want to try it first in a hidden, out-of-the-way place where you won’t cry if your paint does change color, like in a closet or behind your piano.  It is not common, but does happen.

When addressing baseboards you must talk about those lovely air intake panels.Baseboard CleaningDon’t be shy, you won’t hurt the slits, get those vents really clean. Cleaning BaseboardsEvery few years I take my vent covers off. 

Vacuum with a hose the carpet area, while the vent is off to clean it really well.Baseboard CleaningNow, while the vent is off, scrub and clean off the vents over your sink and get both sides dirt free.

Dry thoroughly.Baseboard CleaningNext step is to lay the completely dried vent over an open box and spray with good quality spray paint.  If you’re going to do a job, you just as well do it right.Cleaning baseboardsAllow the vent to dry completely before re-installing on the wall. Otherwise you will leave a mark on the wall which you will have to sand and repaint later.Cleaning BaseboardsI also include chair railing in the category of baseboards; after all they are just a baseboard that someone wanted to install higher up the wall; am I correct?!  

I treat them the same as the baseboards.  I give them a good washing with my rag that has been dunked in my cleaner of choice. 

A WEEKLY BONUS TIP: Dust by using a dryer sheet, as they work well to gather lint.Wall and baseboard cleaningThat is my advice on baseboards. 

Until next time, happy cleaning!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

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  1. Oh my gosh, I needed this post! By the way, my name is Niki, and I’m one of your fellow Merry Monday hosts, and wanted to let you know that I love your blog and hope to catch up on several of your other projects this week, too! Pinned! Have an awesome week!

  2. These are really good tips, and I can use them, b/c my baseboards are usually pretty gross! :D I love my Magic Erasers- they do sooo many things- now I can add baseboards to the list of things they can do. Thank you, Jody and Carrie!

  3. This is great! I’ve also found that scrubbing bubbles works. Spray the baseboard and let it foam up and then wipe off.

    By the way, I would love to have you post on my new blog hop—the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home ( It begins on Thursday evenings and lasts through the weekend, if you’re interested.


  4. Please come clean my house! ;)
    I feel like I’m a clean person that keeps a clean house but after reading this I looked at my baseboards….they desperately need cleaning! I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow. Thanks for the great post!

  5. Baseboards are neglected at my house, too. I am going to pay them attention next time. Love your idea of cleaning them with ammonia. I am going to try it definitely. Best regards!

    • I am so glad you were able to get some help on cleaning baseboards, they are not so bad if you have some tips and tricks. Hope you saw our other links for how to clean walls too!

  6. This is just the reminder I needed to get off my duff and get some cleaning done! Like some others have said, my baseboard have been slightly neglected and need some TLC.

    • I agree totally! I’ll take Lysol anytime, the smell is much better. I LOVE magic erasers and wish I would have invented them ($$$), along with toilet paper, soap, matches, etc. All the necessities and then I’d be set right! lol. Thanks for coming by Kathryn.

  7. So with you on the baseboards thing. We used to have a chore jar for the kids and as a result, my baseboards would get a frequent cleaning. I might need to reinstate it.
    Happy Cleaning


    • Lynn, that’s funny you mentioned that. When my kids were home I had a list of things they could do to earn extra money and a list of things they had to do if they were in trouble. Baseboards were at the top of both and mine were always so clean with 5 kids. I miss that…I have to do my own now.

  8. This is so helpful! I almost never clean my baseboards. Then, I notice how bad they look and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I appreciate how you laid all of the different ways out. Pinning this for later!

  9. I love a good clean house and baseboards (especially white ones) show the dirt but are easily overlooked. Great cleaning tips for those of us who are prepared to get down on our knees with some serious cleaning!

  10. Your post has made me look at my skirting boards. Oh dear, that’s another job for the list! Some of them are actually muddy thanks to the pooch!!

    • Hello Stacy, I usually clean the baseboards as part of a spring and fall cleaning and then once in between as needed; so quarterly is a good target. I hope that helps and thank you for your question and for stopping by. I hope you find many posts with helpful information and enjoy A Mother’s Shadow. Carrie

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