Lost Art of Being Kind- Patriotic Printable


What a perfect time to drop off, or hand deliver a little thank you, thinking of you, or how are you doing treat!    It is so easy to do an act of kindness with these fantastic tags!  A huge shout-out of THANKS to Shayna for these awesome printables, making it not only easy be to be kind, but FUN too! 

You can use any type of candy, and this time of year there are so many choices from sixlets, wrapped chocolates, jelly belly’s, tootsie rolls, wrapped suckers; oh the list goes on and on.  Then for the fireworks, obey the local laws, but you can let the kiddos have a blast with their own box of sparklers or pop-its!  The point is – don’t let KINDNESS be a lost art.  Do something this week, and for sure before the end of the month to reach out to someone you normally wouldn’t, and extend a hand of friendship.  Simply put one of these tags on some patriotic paper, or terrific alone and attach to a bag of candy or on a package. It will be appreciated for sure!       Patriotic printable 2

  Patriotic printable 3

To print the YOU PUT THE SPARK IN MY LIFE click here:  You Put the Spark in my life – printable

To print the YOU LIGHT ME UP for sparklers, pop’s, snaps click here:  4th of July firecracker – printable  

For more of Shayna’s amazing work, click on her graphic  here:  

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Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

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  1. I was just telling myself this morning, “Never, never miss an opportunity to do something nice for someone. It may not be a big deal to you, but it might be a very big deal to them.” You never know. Thank you, Carrie and Shayna, for some great ideas to express kindness in fun and delicious ways!

  2. Carrie,

    You are always so encouraging when it comes to putting others first. I love this ideas for celebrating summer and having fun. The printables are adorable too. I would have never thought of a candy/fireworks gifts.

    Diane Roark

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