The Lost Arts


My blog is taking on a new series and I am absolutely thrilled about it.  Twice a week, with some help from my great family and terrific friends I will address topics to help you and your family have a higher quality of life and be happier too – that’s THE goal.  Here’s how it will work….

   Our society is fast paced and changing quickly, but there are constants that are time proven.

   After much pondering and brainstorming with others, these are the 8 topics I have chosen to address each month.

  •    I sincerely feel these 8 themes will help us LEARN, PRACTICE and BECOME more proficient and –

 * Will keep us grounded in the fundamentally important things in life

* Will confidently help us be prepared for what life brings around

* Will energetically challenge and motive us to improve a bit at a time – not overwhelmed us or make us miserable thinking we can’t do it all

* Will help us be happily fulfilled, knowing we are becoming better all the time

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  1. Very exciting news and truly can’t wait to see what comes from this and will be staying tuned. Hoping you enjoyed your weekend and the week ahead now, too ;)

  2. So true, Carrie. The sewing thing is BIG! When I was a little girl my mom vowed that before I grew up I would learn to sew and type. She meant it, too. She got me sewing lessons with a tailor…very nice lady. I was nearly hopeless but I did learn to sew well enough to get by in a pinch! LOL Typing? That was in highschool and I loved to type. This is going to sound really silly but I’ll say it anyway. When I was first in a job that required typing I actually prayed and asked the Lord to make me so good at it that I didn’t have to think about where the keys were. I wanted to think the word and have it show up on the page. Well, that day came and I was so excited when I turned that corner.

  3. Carrie,

    I would have to agree with all these things. It seems like to me no one cooks, cleans, sews, etc. They just pay to have it done. It is so truly but sad. They are missing out!

  4. Again, very nice post…you always know how to make your viewers think. :)

    Thanks for joining the Cooking and Crafting with J & J Link Up!