A Mother’s Shadow – the novel

A MOTHER'S SHADOW - Front Cover (for Amazon) My book is out for all the world to see…..and yes, I’m kinda freaked out. What if no one buys it, what if people don’t like it, what if….oh, the list goes for miles, however I won’t bore you any longer with my anxiety attack.      So why did I write this book? I’m glad you asked, heehee.  About the time my youngest kid reached junior high school, I realized that my ‘job’ as a stay at home mom would change. I will always be a ‘mom’ to my five kids, but they were reaching the point of being more independent and I felt it time to explore options of my own. There were a few of us gals in the neighborhood who were at the same point and ironically, they all felt to go to college, and most became teachers. I on the other hand was needed to help with service, family needs, some serious medical issues came up for me, Stan, and well, life happened basically. Meanwhile, I continued to pray for guidance and during this same time frame to know what direction I would be most helpful with, as well as fulfilled.  I felt impressed to write a book. A what I asked? A book. The End of the conversation of the what He would have me do. Though I enjoy reading, time constraints from family, church, etc., squeezed out much of my ‘leisure time’ (you know how you put what you love the most on the back burner?).  The question then was: what in the world should I write about? I knew I wanted it uplifting, worth someone’s time to read it, memorable in a positive way, and useful. So the decade long odyssey began. I would write and delete, write have Stan read it and delete; with this going on for a few years.  I continued to give it my very best effort, praying and asking for guidance and finally it happened! The name ‘A Mother’s Shadow’ came to me and the basis of the story. After another length of time, the idea for musings with each chapter evolved, the names of the main characters, the time period and setting. I have had professional editors, family and friends who have been so incredibly gracious and kind to read my book, some even a few times, as I have given every effort to make it as ‘perfect’ as possible.   There was one funny situation I’ll share while working with Elana my last editor. At one point of the book I have a main character very pregnant and going into labor. I the character saying something like, “Harry, we are going to have a baby.” My lovely Elana emailed back (it will be my remembrance and wording of our correspondence from here on): what in the world does that mean? I wrote back, Emily is going to have a baby of course. Elana: no duh, but why would you write, ‘we are going to have a baby’? Where’s the description, the anticipation, the emotion? Me: It’s there in ‘we are going to have a baby’. Elana: Who says that?! Me: Me Elana: When? Me: When I have babies. Elana: What are you talking about? Me: I have had 5 babies and all of them c-section. Not with even one of them did the baby drop, nor I go into labor; not even a Braxton Hick. So, when the doctor wasn’t golfing and the baby seemed large enough, he said it was time. I would call Stan and my mom and say, “We are having a baby”. I could almost see Elana shaking her head in disbelief. Being the awesome editor she is, she sent me a few ideas of how to describe it and what to include to make the scene much more appealing and to involve the audience. I think it’s pretty good now – if I do say so myself, lol.   Why the name A Mother’s Shadow? Remember when you were a child and afraid of the dark? The imagined monsters and scary things looming in the closets and under the bed? The fear of the shadows make it difficult to see clearly what is real, what is not, what to fear, what direction is correct and how to be on the right path, at that moment, as well as in life. Now consider the intense heat of the beating the hot sun onto your skin, seemingly to penetrate clear to the bone. We all have hard¬ships that weigh us down, even to thinking that one more step is almost impossible. Compare demanding and grueling times in your life as walking in the desert, without direction and only mirages to chase. We have two choices to leave as a legacy: 1– A heritage for family and friends to remember us with fear, confusion and hopelessness. OR 2– A heritage of optimism, joy, clear direction to over¬come life’s challenges with dignity, faith and courage. One to offer shelter from the heat of life’s trials; to be a place of refuge for correct principles and a trusted source of goodness. That is what A Mother’s Shadow is about. Helping us realize the shadow/influence which we will, without question, cast on generations to come. Whether it be negative or positive, will affect count¬less numbers of our posterity, as well as our own life and loved ones now. It is our choice, to make. I hope you will enjoy my book; find it will be inspirational, thought provoking and a delight to read.

As always, Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Your friend, Carrie Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow

Available on Amazon for purchase for Kindle and in paperback


  1. Aww, yay so excited for you and can only imagine all that went into writing your book for the last few years now. Have shared all over and wishing you tons of luck and success now!!! ;)

  2. Congratulations! I know this is an exciting time for you. I loved hearing how the book came into being and i am looking forward to reading it! I am sure it will be fabulous!

  3. My Darlin’ Daughter ,,, you have poured your heart and soul into this book for years to get it ‘just right ‘ and now it’s finished and out for the world to read. It’s a wonderful book and I wish you the greatest of success . I love you Carrie :)

  4. I missed your announcement and am just seeing this! So very excited for you, Carrie! I know this has been a labor of love for many years, and I’m sure your emotions are all over the place! I’m going to grab myself a copy and look forward to reading it.

  5. Congratulations on your book! It sounds like you had quite the journey and created quite a literary work. I really like the imagery of “A Mother’s Shadow” — thank you for explaining it a bit. Thanks for the post and I wish you profound success.

  6. Carrie, I’m in the process of reading your book and I am LOVING it! As soon as I’m finished (so I can give my 100% honest review) I’m going to share it on my blog and on Amazon. You’ve done an amazing job so far:) Thanks for sharing this with us at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party.

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