DIY Hair Treatment

Do it Yourself Hair Treatment

My daughter had her hair colored by a non-professional; adding to that, she had severe damage due to climate and conditions where she lived. After having a professional re-color her hair and a good trim, her hair was much better, yet still very dry and damaged.    I found this home remedy on-line and after just 2 treatments, it looked like this – FABULOUS!  (I can’t find the original source; if you know it please send it to me asap so I can link to it)

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  1. I totally could use something like this as I have been coloring my hair for years and definitely have some damage and dryness going on. But one question, does it smell bad? Not going to lie, I am not a huge mayo fan for my food (if it is mixed in well and can’t smell or taste it, I am Ok with it), so was wondering if it is smelly or not – sorry the thought sometimes makes me a bit queasy (guess it is just me).

  2. This sounds so great! I want to give this a try!

    Thanks for sharing this. We make nearly all of our own stuff, but hadn’t thought about this!

  3. I need to do this treatment a couple of times a month in the summer. My hair gets so dry. Thanks for sharing an inexpensive and more natural way to treat my hair.

  4. Carrie,

    Over the years I have tried just mayo and recently just Olive Oil. So, I bet this would work.

    I will be trying this soon and I will let you know.

    Diane Roark

    • Diane, As a teenager, I used to used Mayo to restore moisture to my hair and raw egg to add shine. I am definitely going to give this a try.

  5. We used to use mayonnaise as a hair conditioner when I was a teen. My hair was really really long and got some split ends as a result. This worked well!

    • Your comment was very helpful, thanks for sharing your experience!

      I will try the mayo/olive Oil/ Vinegar combination as well now. :]

      Have a great day!

  6. I just love homemade recipes of any kind! One of my daughter’s has hair that long, so I want to try this –thanks so much for sharing! :)

  7. I saw somewhere online a recipe that included castor oil and eggs that I wanted to try. It sounds similar to this one since mayonnaise is made from eggs!