Hot Pad Scissor Holder & Decorative Pen

magnetic hot pad 5   


    This easy and quick Hot Pad Holder that attaches to the fridge or any mag­netic sur­face, holds scis­sors, pens or any­thing you need to keep track of. 

    While mak­ing one, it’s easy to make another to give away!


Hot Pad Mag­netic Holder


Hot pad

Embroi­dery floss


Mag­nets — strong ones


Hot glue


Dec­o­ra­tive top

Flo­ral Tape



To start off, you need a hot pad.  Be care­ful not to get one that is too thick.

1– Before you pur­chase one, fold it in half to make sure it is not too bulky. If you have one with a pocket, that is fine, you can see that mine has a pocket.

2– Using ALL strands of the embroi­dery floss, thread the nee­dle and dou­ble over. Mak­ing about 2 feet of ALL threads on either side of the needle.

3– ake the hot pad, fold it in half at an angle to form a point. See all pic­tures for direc­tion to see how the fold is created.

4– Pin if needed, or sim­ply hold with one hand and stitch with the other.

5– Whip stitch the length.  To do this, take the thread to the inside, put the nee­dle down through about an inch or so of the stitches and pull through.

6– Con­tinue this stitch all the way up the hot pad.DSC_03667– After stitch­ing all the way to the top, knot the thread by loop­ing the thread and the nee­dle through a few times as shown below.DSC_0369

8– Cut the thread close to the knot.DSC_0371

9– With a hot glue gun, glue the mag­nets onto the back of the hot pad holder (you need the strong ones from the craft store to hold the weight of the hot pad and any­thing else you chose to put in it).

Back sideDSC_0376Front sideDSC_0379Options to dec­o­rate your holder with such as pre-made flower or over sized-button. Check in the craft and wrap­ping paper/card sec­tion for embell­ish­ments.DSC_2025I chose an embell­ish­ment I found in the jew­elry mak­ing sec­tion along with a pinch ball connector 

magnetic hot padmagnetic hot pad 1

I stitched it on and tied a piece of cord­ing in the loop

magnetic hot pad 2For the Pen:

I pur­chased this cool felt flower for about $1.50 at the craft store (Hobby Lobby); use any flower or top­per you’d like.

1– Cut off part of the stem if nec­es­sary.  You want to make sure you can eas­ily hold the pen to write and not have extra bulk at the lower end of the pen.

2– Using flo­ral tape, which is super cool and sticks to itself, wrap the tape around the pen and stem to hold them together and cover the pen.

3– Break the flo­ral tape at the bot­tom of the pen and press to seal.

DSC_0374Now you have a handy-dandy holder! Hope­fully you made 2, one to give away and one to keep for yourself.DSC_0375

Copy­right Car­rie Grone­man, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Rec­og­nize a bless­ing and be a bless­ing today

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  1. this is such a fun idea! I love how use­ful it is ;o) Thanks for link­ing up to Cre­ate Link Inspire! I’ve fea­tured this project in my fab­ric week­end fea­tures and shared it all over the social media world. Would love for you to spread the word as well and pop over to check it out! EMily@nap-timecreations

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