Homemade Gourmet Hot WHITE Chocolate Mix

DSC_1378 - white chocolate

When you want to indulge in a bit of sophis­ti­ca­tion, this delight­ful drink will def­i­nitely sat­isfy.


Home­made Gourmet WHITE Hot Choco­late Mix





Home­made Gourmet Instant Hot White Choco­late Mix


4 oz. Lindt white choco­late bar, bro­ken into piecesDSC_1374

1  1/2 cups pow­dered milk

2/3 cup white choco­late chips

1/2 cup vanilla or French vanilla non dairy creamer

2 tsp. dutch cocoa (yes, it is dark cocoa)

1/4 tsp. salt



In a food proces­sor com­bine all the ingre­di­ents and pulse until the choco­late chips and candy bar are in very small pieces.

DSC_1380Store the mix in a jar with a tight fit­ting lid or a zip lock bag.

Use 2 Tbl. (or more, depend­ing on how rich you like your hot cocoa) in 6 oz. of boil­ing water.

Stir to melt the mix into the water. Enjoy

Car­rie Groneman’s recipe adapted from Christina Leonhardt’s recipe

Rec­og­nize a bless­ing and be a bless­ing today.

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