Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments

Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments
Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments

Are you looking for a quick holiday craft,a keepsake or even a present that is economical yet sentimental? Look no further! Here are three ideas that your family can all do, no matter the age.  These would be treasured as baby’s first Christmas, or every year your children could see the growth as their hand covers more and more of the ornament.  A great gift for grandparents too.  These would definitely be appreciated by all. 

Snowman Ornament


For the Snowmen & Foot Ornament:

Shatterproof ornament, color of your choice

Acrylic paint of your choice

Sharpie markers

Sponge wedges with handle  

For the Marble Spin Art Ornament:

Clear plastic or shatterproof ornament


Acrylic paint of your choice


Step 1 –  Tickle your kidlets hand by painting them with acrylic paint of your choice with a sponge wedge. Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments 1Step 2  – Have your kid hold their hand flat, place the ornament in the palm and ask them to curl their fingers over the bulb. Help them press fingers evenly.Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments 2Step 3 –  Place the ornament with the paint on it in an egg carton to hold it while it dries.Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments 3Step 4 – Using the sharpies, draw buttons, hat, face and whatever you would like to bring Frosty to life!Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments 4

Baby Foot Print Ornament

Step 1 –  If you have a baby, you can paint the foot, which is much easier than trying to get them to uncurl their fingersKids Craft Christmas Ornaments 5Step 2-  Press the painted foot onto the ornamentKids Craft Christmas Ornaments 6Step 3 – Let it dry in egg carton and then write the baby’s name and year.

Marble Painted Ornament

Step 1 –  Squeeze a small amount, about the size of a dime or less, of acrylic paint into the bottom of a clear ornament, use a shatterproof or plastic one for this craft.Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments 7Step 2- Drop a marble into the ornament with the paintKids Craft Christmas Ornaments 8Step 3-  Now let the kiddos shake, shake, shake, making a pattern inside the ornament with the marble painting the inside.Kids Craft Christmas Ornaments 9Step 4- Allow the paint to dry and if desired, repeat with a contrasting color, using a tiny bit of paint and a marble.

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  1. Love this! I tried doing the handprint when she 5 months old no good. Then last year at 1 1/2 didnt work either but forgot to try the foot. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm!

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