Crazy Fun Month
Crazy Fun Month

This month has been incredibly busy and wonderful! For today’s post I hope you don’t mind some highlights as I had some unexpected events come up and I try very hard not to work, aka, blog on the Sabbath, so if you’ll indulge me, I am going to tell you a funny story that happened, our new tradition of making malts and a bit of a recap of all the going’s on.

I was able to go on a couple of business trips with Stan, which is really fun because we get to spend time together.  This last trip we purchased the audio version of “Les Misérables” to listen to as we travel.  It will last us many, many more drives.  Did you know the original writing by Victor Hugo of Les Mis is 25 books and about 60 hours of audio?  The first 2 and a half hours alone is just the story of the Bishop and his life which was really fascinating!  No singing, only amazing writing.

While on this business trip with Stan, I very much looked forward to a chance to work on my second novel in the hotel room during the time Stan was in his meetings – no interruptions, just time to write. This trip, we are in an older LaQuinta, which is fine because they kept it pretty clean. However, there is a few interesting things with my particularly situated room.

We are on the second of three floors and situation right over the outdoor pool, which was the fun place in the daytime for kids, and night time party place for the adults.

Well, for some unfathomable reason, the stairwell landing right outside my room happened to be ‘time-out’ for every single parent and grandparent there. Don’t ask me why! I even looked for a sign to try to find out why this was happening.

Every few hours or so, in seemingly every language and culture, someone would plant 2-5 kids right outside my window, give them a scolding, some then handed each kid an apple (curious about that) and left them still sitting there.  So of course the kids began to cry, sulk or fight among themselves; some would snicker and wait out their time.  It was entertaining, because who would have imagined this scenario….I’m sure you can guess, didn’t get much work done…and it’s definitely something to laugh about now and for years to come!

We had a marvelous anniversary and part of it, we stopped at IKEA and purchased special cups (.49 cents each!!!) to make up malts when the grand kids come over for a treat and as a tradition.  That’s how memories are made, right!  It makes it easier on us also, to have something for them to eat when they come over and not have to search around for a snack.  Now as long as they don’t’ change their minds about liking it – kids are finicky….
Ikea Straws

They have the best straws too that are extra wide!  I cut them in half to fit the cups and so they stretch further for young ones, but perfect big kids and adult when having shakes or malts ($1.49 I think for 100, but not positive and a seasonal item)Malts are an oldie treat and so yummy; not found much anymore.  Easy to have on hand and not expensive to make up anytime – just (Carnation) malted powder, vanilla ice cream, milk and chocolate syrup.  They seemed to enjoy it very much!  Some wanted a vanilla malt and some chocolate malt.  *Have cookie dough in the freezer to bake up (homemade or prepared) along with it.  Waffles are a fantastic option to easily have on hand also to offset the sweet and using a mix and the fun waffle irons are an extra special treat since you can make them a variety of flavors.

 This little princess wasn’t sure at first about my malt, but once she took a taste, she didn’t come up for air until the glass was empty!

Kimmikimmi 2









The smiles speak volumes and a  ‘thumbs up’ was a good sign

This cutie pie is happy as can be with a sucker and a vanilla malt!Malts

And when this little guy took a sip he said; “This is the best thing I have ever tasted!”          Oh yeah baby, mission accomplished

Crazy Fun MonthOur garden is producing extremely well all because of Stan.  The grand kids look forward every time they come over to picking the garden with grandpa.  He taught them to make salsa, which they enjoyed very much.

making salsaSalsa









It is REALLY yummy!Chips and SalsaA busy month, but fun. Looking forward to a slower pace and that I will get MUCH more work done on the second novelkeep your fingers crossed for me please.  Have a terrific week my friends!

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