Do You Know Squanto?

Photograph:Squanto in a lithograph dated 1873.



The story of the pil­grims is famil­iar, remark­able and exem­plary; how­ever, the story of Squanto com­pletely intrigues me.  It a story of mir­a­cles, for­give­ness, love, sur­viv­ing with       dig­nity and see­ing God’s hand in ways never imagined.


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Safe Holiday Travel Tips

Cartoon_family : Road Trip with family cartoon


It’s that time of year for travel to see fam­ily and friends.  I have com­piled some items on a list as a guide for safety and com­fort.  Please be care­ful and have a won­der­ful time of mem­o­ries and joy.  I look for­ward to many years of our friend­ship — so be safe out there!

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Turkey Handprint Apron



This per­son­al­ized apron would be per­fect for mom, dad, or grand­par­ent.  You could  write the child’s name and year under the hand-print and even a few things they are grate­ful for.

 I also have a link for a Grat­i­tude Tree below, which puts thank­ful­ness into action!

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Caramelized Roasted Winter Squash


Roast­ing the squash to a per­fect ten­der­ness, then caramelized with sea­son­ings and brown sugar, make this absolutely deli­cious and incred­i­bly amazing.


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Roasted Squash & Green Salad


This recipe caught my eye and I’m telling you I just had to try it.  Result:  F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!  My  fam­ily loves it.  It’s very unique to com­bine roasted squash with let­tuce, but it works in all the best ways.  Besides being healthy, it’s such a great lunch or side dish.

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How to Cook Winter Squash


Do you won­der how to cook win­ter squash?

There are so many vari­eties, but a few of the most com­mon are:  but­ter­nut, acorn squash, hub­bard, but­ter­cup, and oth­ers.  They are all dif­fer­ent in taste, tex­ture and length of cook­ing time.  I have an easy to fol­low tuto­r­ial and recipes too!

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Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

 I want to give a huge shout-out and THANK YOU to Rachel (pic­tured left), Nathalie (next) and her card mak­ing club (two awe­some ladies) who donated cards for the Meals on Wheels ser­vice project.  Are you able to help?  Check out the details HERE


Now onto MY Favs from last week’s Won­der­ful Wednes­day Blog Hop!

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Empty Jars

Empty Jars

Do you ever feel empty? 

Do you long for true joy and happiness?

Do you feel like you are sit­ting on a shelf and not as ‘full’ as you could be?

Then come read about my Grandma’s jars and the dif­fer­ence they made.

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3-D Pumpkin Card

3D Pumpkin

Have you con­sid­ered par­tic­i­pat­ing in the Meals on Wheels ser­vice project?  It is so worth­while and for a great cause.  Check it out HERE

Need ideas for Thanks­giv­ing for the fam­ily to make it more spe­cial click HERE

 My friend Dor­thy has the most incred­i­ble paper 3-D pump­kin I have ever seen.   She wrote up a tuto­r­ial so you can make one yourself!


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Fabulous Rootbeer Float Fudge

Root Beer Fudge 1

I had some really won­der­ful AMS read­ers con­tact me, and said they tried the fudge and didn’t find the level of fla­vor they desired.  So…I quickly set about to work and now you have a choice — a sub­tle root­beer fla­vor OR a more intense ver­sion!  Thank you my friends for giv­ing me the chance to take it up a notch.

Which way are you going to make this easy, pretty much no-fail scrump­tious candy?

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Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gift Collage


Dur­ing the Thanks­giv­ing holiday’s are you going to eat at a relative’s house, or a friend’s?  I have THREE easy and inex­pen­sive ideas to take along as a way to show appre­ci­a­tion for their hos­pi­tal­ity.  All three are usable and quick to put together.  Pass along the gratitude!


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3 Guilt Free Appetizers

http://amothersshadow.com/2014/11/10/3-guilt-free-dips/I have THREE low calo­rie, weight watcher friendly recipes that are AMAZING!

Cel­ery Buf­falo Style is burst­ing with all the tastes you love from a buf­falo wing but with­out the extra pounds , click HERE

Toasted Fla­vor­ful Edamame is an exotic flare of fla­vor loaded in pro­tein and a good-for-you snack.  Click HERE

Some­times you just have to have the crunch of a chip and the indul­gence of a dip.  Now you can have the best of both worlds — low fat and calo­rie with Guilt Free Chips & Dip, click HERE

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No Guilt Chips & Dip

 No guilt chips & dip 1

Some­times ya just gotta have the crunch of a chip and the indul­gence of a dip to party.  This recipe gives you the WOW fac­tor with out the extra calo­ries and fat.  Try dif­fer­ent sea­son­ings with the sour cream for a change of pace.

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