We had the most mar­velous Thanks­giv­ing din­ner, games and vis­it­ing with fam­ily. I am grate­ful for all the many bless­ing I have; mainly God, our Sav­ior Jesus Christ. Stan, our kids, grand-kids, par­ents and all our fam­ily, that makes it a life I thank Heav­enly Father for every day. Even the tri­als bring joy. I appre­ci­ate every­one who have been a sup­port to ‘A Mother’s Shadow’; I send my sin­cere thank you. I hope I can be an inspi­ra­tion, a help, a bit of fun and a friend.  Decem­ber 7th I have a won­der­ful sur­prise, I am SO excited!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Some­times we for­get that we must have dif­fi­cult peri­ods to con­quer  and over­come as the vic­tor, so that we may know joy in the easy times. As we cel­e­brate Thanks­giv­ing, I hope we can thank God for allow­ing us this time on earth and His ever extended hand to guide, help, com­fort and dry out tears when needed.  Never to turn from Him, but to always be grate­ful for His uncon­di­tional love and to con­stantly be strive to be wor­thy of all that He wants to give  us.  Have a won­der­ful day and remem­ber to RECOGNIZE A BLESSING AND BE A BLESSING TODAY.


Wonderful Wednesday

I am so HAPPY DANCING for Decem­ber 7th
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Happy Thanks­giv­ing 
from all of the Won­der­ful Wednes­day Blog Hop co-hosts to you and yours!
Alli, Brit­tany, Car­rie, Cathy, CD, Dawn, Diane, Emma, Heidi Jo, Jaimi, Kim, Saira, Sinea and Tammy.
We will be back next week –Tues­day evening Dec 1st 7pm ET– with another great party and the fea­tures from our last party.
In the mean­time, each of us selected a spe­cial post from our own blogs to share with you, with our love.

 Happy Thanks­giv­ing from HEIDI JO: Turkey Peeps Treats / Sim­plee Thrifty

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Thanksgiving, well wishes, blessings, Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop
See you next week!

Baby Green Festive Salad

DSC_2013 - festive baby green salad


I have a HUGE sur­prise com­ing on Decem­ber 7th    Woohoo!


Have you been look­ing for a great salad to take to a party, din­ner or just want some­thing spe­cial to make for your fam­ily or friends?  I highly rec­om­mend this salad.  It has all the com­po­nents that make this sea­son so spe­cial; cran­ber­ries and pears com­bine with a fab­u­lous dress­ing to driz­zle over a mixed green salad, then topped with honey roasted nuts and Parme­san cheese.  It is amaz­ing!  Click HERE for the scrump­tious recipes.


Squanto’s Amazing Story

Photograph:Squanto in a lithograph dated 1873.Did you ever hear about Squanto in your his­tory class or pos­si­bly as you were told the story of Thanks­giv­ing?  He was a main char­ac­ter in the sur­vival of the Pil­grims as they landed at Ply­mouth, and almost died in the harsh and unfa­mil­iar new land.  But his life has twists and turns that were filled with tri­als, tribu­la­tions and also mir­a­cles.  Because Squanto chose to look for the bet­ter and not be bit­ter for how he was treated and what his time on earth had brought — not what he expected — he saved a peo­ple, and helped a coun­try begin.  Come read this incred­i­ble account HERE


Fall & Thanksgiving Round-Up

2 Thanksgiving Round-Up 2015


I am thrilled a few of my fab­u­lous blog­ger friends have joined me for an amaz­ing Round-Up to bring YOU ter­rific ideas just in time for Fall and Thanks­giv­ing.  We have crafts, activ­i­ties and FUN and put it all together so you can eas­ily click and have a great time mak­ing mem­o­ries — as spend­ing time with you and together as a fam­ily is what your kids want most of all:)

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Kids Thanksgiving Table

Kids Thanksgiving Table 1



When I was a kid, being banned to the ‘kids table’ was not a good thing in my opin­ion.  It was bor­ing and it meant my sis­ters and I would just annoy each other, while we wait for din­ner as we fid­geted smelling the deli­cious aro­mas com­ing from the much antic­i­pated food.

I decided that I wanted a FUN Kids table with things to keep the kid­dos busy so they weren’t bored, enjoyed the day and allowed the adults to visit a bit.  Come see what I put together just for YOU my AMS friends!

*See my ideas for the teens and adults at the bot­tom of this post, they should have FUN too, right:)

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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cups

Pilgrim Cups


These lit­tle Thanks­giv­ing treat cups are per­fect for a kids table to fill with crayons, pret­zels, pop­corn, gold­fish, col­ored pen­cils, the options are limitless.

This craft is easy, quick and very inex­pen­sive to whip up for the kid­dos to make the hol­i­day fes­tive and fun for them too!

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Indian Head Dress

Indian Head Dress

Indian Head Dress or Indian Head Band are always a hit and are the per­fect oppor­tu­nity to teach the kids about those who lived here when the pil­grims arrived, their life style, their lan­guage and pic­tographs, and how they saved the pil­grims lives.  I have easy instruc­tions for you as well as the pic­to­graph print­outs below.

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Lost Art of Cooking: Cooking Winter Squash & Round-Up

Winter Squash Round-Up


Win­ter squash are absolutely sat­is­fy­ing, com­fort food, healthy and they have so many won­der­ful attrib­utes.  I like that it can last a long time in a cool place.  I have instruc­tions for you on how to cook win­ter squash and even how to freeze it for later use; it makes great baby food too!

Then sev­eral recipes that are each unique to try with var­i­ous types of squash so you can see which kind you like, or if you’re like me, you’ll love them all! ENJOY

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Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Hello every­one!  I hope you are hav­ing a fab­u­lous week.  Thank you for com­ing by for the WW Blog Hop.  My fea­tured pick this week is one of my bloggy friends Nikki who has a blog View From In Here.  Nikki is like most of us and try­ing to fig­ure out all this blog grow­ing, social media — just how does it all work to be suc­cess­ful???  Well, I will tell you, she is a brainiac and is going leaps and bounds in learn­ing.  Besides being so smart, she is incred­i­bly gen­er­ous and shares her knowl­edge along the way.  She has set up a VIP sec­tion, which is FREE that any­one can sign up to, and she has step-by-step tuto­ri­als of how to use and under­stand the dif­fer­ent aspects of social media, pho­tog­ra­phy, along with all sorts of impor­tant fea­tures.  I hope you will stop by her blog and take a gan­der around.  I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am with AViewFromIn­HERE   Now onto the party!!!How to create great blog images that are Pin worthy on PicMonkey.

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Sour Cream Apple Bars

Sour Cream Apple Bars 1

I hap­pened on this old recipe and it was so unique that I just had to give it a try.  The out­side lay­ers are made up of crunchy lay­ers of oats, wal­nuts, brown sugar and a bit of cin­na­mon for great fla­vor.  The inside is the most unusual com­bi­na­tion of sour cream, shred­ded apple and some sweet­ness to bring it all together.  My fam­ily was very sur­prised and tasted a piece, then asked for another, and another, then more…and then they were gone!  These have a bit of tang from the sour cream, shred­ded apple is fab­u­lous and the tex­ture of the out­side lay­ers make this treat extraordinary!!!

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The Miracle of Grits


Some­times it is extremely dif­fi­cult to for­give oth­ers even when we know it will heal our own heart, and bring peace to our soul. 

What if you were asked to do some­thing that would save lives, but it was to help your ene­mies, would you do it?

I have a story about south­ern grits and the lives it saved in Ger­many dur­ing the war which demon­strates this per­fectly.  Click HERE


Pumpkin Round-Up with Friends

Pumpkin Round-Up



I’m so excited!  This is my very first round-up with blog­ger friends! I’ve used my own posts in a round-up, but wanted to make sure I could make it look nice before includ­ing oth­ers in a round-up I put together.  I want to thank these fab­u­lous friends who con­tributed and I hope you will visit their recipes, share this around, pin, stum­ble, tweek…you know, shout it from the roof tops:)  Now, let’s get cookin’







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