EASY No Start Sour Dough Artisan Bread

Sour Dough Bread 1

 Do you love the arti­san breads in the gourmet sec­tions of the nicer bak­eries, but, hate the high prices? 

The taste of sour dough is fab­u­lous. But it requires a ‘start’ which is a com­bi­na­tion of ingre­di­ents that is stored and used from over and over; and you have to remem­ber to use it and add to it to keep it fresh and best for bak­ing and cook­ing with.

Well, this recipe solves all of these issues mag­nif­i­cently!  It also costs just pen­nies to make this amaz­ing gas­tronome bread. And, it is SO EASY,anyone can do it! 

The taste of sour dough devel­ops on its own with­out a ‘start’!  You are going to love this and make it over and over and over and over…believe me, you will. 

To make sure you are suc­cess­ful, I am giv­ing you lots of pic­tures and tuto­r­ial, though it really is sim­ple, so let’s get cooking.

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A Pinch Of Salt

Salt 1

Can you describe the taste of salt?  It is indis­pens­able in our diet and for enjoyment.

Our value as a human being is irre­place­able above all else.

I have a post com­par­ing the two — come read a lit­tle food for thought.


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Strength In The Past

Great grand kids 1 As we learn about our past, we learn more about our self. It is a bless­ing to have fam­ily — do not waste a moment of it.

We can teach our fam­ily about their grand­par­ents, great grand par­ents and ances­tors in a fun and excit­ing way with this FREE program!

With Fam­ily Search you can find rel­a­tives pic­tures, his­tory and even add infor­ma­tion your­self for oth­ers to share and learn from also. 

What is Fam­ily Search?  It is a non­profit fam­ily his­tory orga­ni­za­tion that is ded­i­cated to con­nect­ing fam­i­lies across gen­er­a­tions and believes that fam­i­lies bring joy and mean­ing to life.

Their vision is that as we learn about our ances­tors, we bet­ter under­stand our self, cre­ate a fam­ily bond by link­ing the present to the past and build­ing a bridge to the future. 

Click HERE and enjoy this FREE site with your fam­ily today.

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Copy­right Car­rie Grone­man,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Rec­og­nize a bless­ing and be a bless­ing today


Family Games = Bonding Time



Fam­ily mem­bers sees our time spent with them valu­able and worth more than any amount of money.  Sched­ul­ing in games to play together be a cher­ished mem­ory their whole life through. Play­ing games is per­fect way to have FUN, teach sports­man­ship, how to win gra­ciously and lose civilly — both nec­es­sary life skills.

Uncle Dallin try­ing to get his nephew to hurry up ‘nicely’ and throw the dice in the game ‘100’ — GREAT FUN!


Game Time!

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Pictures & Stories

Scrapbook 12

One way to build and to strengthen fam­ily bonds and rela­tion­ships is to cre­ate scrap­books of any type. It records with sto­ries and pic­tures those who have gone before, or your fam­ily now.

It really is impor­tant for us and our chil­dren to con­nect with the past to help them define who they are and it gives a sense of belong­ing.  Know­ing ances­tors gives a sense of pride in her­itage and direc­tion. It is also a way to learn valu­able lessons from those who have gone on before. 

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Thanks Deborah!

 Mommy Crusader and Her Knights and Ladies
My Friend Deb­o­rah has a fab­u­lous blog, MommyCrusader.com
She has the MOST inter­est­ing and engag­ing site; besides being just a down-right nice gal.
Just on her home page now, here are the top­ics you will find:
  • Tips To Avoid Hav­ing a Picky Eater
  • Bal­loons in the Snow
  • Using Candy Bars as a teach­ing tool in the Stem Series (her hus­band is a teacher — I’ve ‘chat­ted on fb with him a bit and he is ter­rific too!)
  • Tips on How to get FB to Dis­play Shares Prop­erly — one I intend to study very well myself
  • Teach­ing Chil­dren Not to Hit
  • Enjoy the Fleet­ing Moments
  • Bal­loon Sen­sory Painting
  • Blog Par­ties
  • AND…drum roll please.…Deborah read my new novel and reviewed it on her blog!!!  I hope you will hop on over to see what she said about it AND to click around her site; as I pointed out there is a lot of very worth­while read­ing and learn­ing going on over at her place. 

Thank you so much Deb­o­rah for the review, it was a very unex­pected sur­prise and SO kind. 

Click HERE  to eas­ily go over to MommyCrusader.com

A Mother's Shadow  - a Book Review | MommyCrusader.com

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Family Shadow aka Legacy

Dallin 1


We all have a shadow, or a legacy you may call it that we cast as we are here, and that will linger for gen­er­a­tions after we are gone from this earth.

A Mother’s Shadow is an illus­tra­tion which rep­re­sents a cul­mi­na­tion of our choices, actions and thoughts.  


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Easy to GIVE a ‘Handy’ Gift

Gift 4 


Is there some­one who could use a lit­tle pick-me-up, or a thank you for a kind­ness shown to you or your fam­ily?  This is a sim­ple and easy way to do a thought­ful ges­ture; to be an angel to some­one who might need a lift or bit of encour­age­ment. 

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Unique Snowflake Cupcake


 As chil­dren we make snowflakes and learn how unique and won­der­ful we are.  It is SO TRUE!  I have a deli­cious way to teach, or share this concept. 

What a fun activ­ity to do with your kids, to start a con­ver­sa­tion about how dif­fer­ent and spe­cial they are, which is the per­fect plan.  Then let them make their own snowflake cupcake.

Or make one or a few of these for your friends to tell them how much you appre­ci­ate how extra­or­di­nary and one-of-a-kind they are.

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How Well Do YOU Play Jenga?

Jenga 1

 Have you ever played the game Jenga?  It’s a game involv­ing small pieces of wood, which are stacked to make a tower.  Then each player takes a turn remov­ing a piece of wood, one at a time, hop­ing not to be the one to top­ple the entire stack.

Con­sider how Jenga is an illus­tra­tion for our life.  Are we build­ing to make a strong sturdy tower, or cre­at­ing holes and gaps which threaten to col­lapse our pil­lar at any given time.  Come read how our abil­i­ties and skills, so beau­ti­fully can be used to for­tify not only our own pil­lar, but oth­ers also.




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Guiltless Pizza

Guiltless Pizza 1


I love a good piece of pizza BUT I do not like all the extra calo­ries I have to work off. So to the res­cue is this pizz and it is truly GOOD!  Low in fat, calo­ries, fig­ure friendly and best of all.…..dum, dum, dum.…it actu­ally fills you up!


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ALL Gloves ARE Beautiful

Glove Collage



When you see another per­son, do you auto­mat­i­cally com­pare their looks with yours?  Their cloth­ing with yours?  Try to guess their income and see if it’s above or below yours? Isn’t it inter­est­ing how we seem to do that nat­u­rally.    What if we could look at a friend, fam­ily mem­ber or a stranger and instead, see only an excep­tional and irre­place­able mag­nif­i­cent cre­ation of God.  Even more impres­sive, is if we could look in the mir­ror and have that same reac­tion to our own image!

We are like these gloves.  We each have a soul/spirit — just dec­o­rated a bit dif­fer­ently.  Because all gloves really all beau­ti­ful.




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