Do you Keep a Gratitude Journal?

Have you ever thought to keep a grat­i­tude journal? 

I have a post that will help you start one, get ideas for one you are keep­ing and will make you smile.

Click HERE for ideas and tips

Rec­og­nize a bless­ing and be a bless­ing today


Can YOU give some Selfless Service?

Thank you to  all who have been so gen­er­ous to donate cards for the Meals On Wheels Project.  You can read all about it HERE

My friend Barb has a fab­u­lous blog, called Rite­WhileU­Can.  She and I have teamed up on this Meals on Wheels Project.  Barb lives in Canada and is work­ing with the Meals On Wheels agency there, while I am here in the USA

I love this from her blog:   My goal is that you will be moti­vated to write a let­ter, a note, a post­card.  That you will try it out even if it is some­thing you have never done.  I also want to pro­vide you with the desire to not let life pass you by.   To help you rec­og­nize that each day is a gift and how do we be our “best” selves — to learn and grow.  Rite now, not tomorrow. 

Click HERE to go to Barb’s place, it will never disappoint! 




 I really appre­ci­ate Rachel and her card mak­ing club for the beau­ti­ful cards20141115_180350_resizedNatalie made these adorable cards to brighten the day of some­one who is alone and receiv­ing a Meal.


Copy­right Car­rie Grone­man, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Rec­og­nize a bless­ing and be a bless­ing today


Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Thank you so much for stop­ping by for our Won­der­ful Wednes­day Blog Hop. 

This week we will be tak­ing a lit­tle break to cel­e­brate Thanksgiving.

Please be sure to come back again next week (Tues­day 7:00pm ET) to party with us where we will announce the big WINNER of our 100th Blog Hop Giveaway!!! 

We can hardly wait to find out who it is. 

Happy Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving; friendship

 Happy Thanks­giv­ing to you, dear friends, with love from …

See you next week!



Guilt Free Intense Chocolate Tartlets

Guillt Free Intense Chocolate Tartlets 1



Are you crav­ing a deca­dent, intense choco­late del­i­cacy?  Search no more, this is it.  This low fat dessert sat­is­fies even the most dis­crim­i­nat­ing palate.


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Do You Know Squanto?

Photograph:Squanto in a lithograph dated 1873.



The story of the pil­grims is famil­iar, remark­able and exem­plary; how­ever, the story of Squanto com­pletely intrigues me.  It a story of mir­a­cles, for­give­ness, love, sur­viv­ing with       dig­nity and see­ing God’s hand in ways never imagined.


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Safe Holiday Travel Tips

Cartoon_family : Road Trip with family cartoon


It’s that time of year for travel to see fam­ily and friends.  I have com­piled some items on a list as a guide for safety and com­fort.  Please be care­ful and have a won­der­ful time of mem­o­ries and joy.  I look for­ward to many years of our friend­ship — so be safe out there!

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Turkey Handprint Apron



This per­son­al­ized apron would be per­fect for mom, dad, or grand­par­ent.  You could  write the child’s name and year under the hand-print and even a few things they are grate­ful for.

 I also have a link for a Grat­i­tude Tree below, which puts thank­ful­ness into action!

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Caramelized Roasted Winter Squash


Roast­ing the squash to a per­fect ten­der­ness, then caramelized with sea­son­ings and brown sugar, make this absolutely deli­cious and incred­i­bly amazing.


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Roasted Squash & Green Salad


This recipe caught my eye and I’m telling you I just had to try it.  Result:  F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!  My  fam­ily loves it.  It’s very unique to com­bine roasted squash with let­tuce, but it works in all the best ways.  Besides being healthy, it’s such a great lunch or side dish.

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How to Cook Winter Squash


Do you won­der how to cook win­ter squash?

There are so many vari­eties, but a few of the most com­mon are:  but­ter­nut, acorn squash, hub­bard, but­ter­cup, and oth­ers.  They are all dif­fer­ent in taste, tex­ture and length of cook­ing time.  I have an easy to fol­low tuto­r­ial and recipes too!

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Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

 I want to give a huge shout-out and THANK YOU to Rachel (pic­tured left), Nathalie (next) and her card mak­ing club (two awe­some ladies) who donated cards for the Meals on Wheels ser­vice project.  Are you able to help?  Check out the details HERE


Now onto MY Favs from last week’s Won­der­ful Wednes­day Blog Hop!

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Empty Jars

Empty Jars

Do you ever feel empty? 

Do you long for true joy and happiness?

Do you feel like you are sit­ting on a shelf and not as ‘full’ as you could be?

Then come read about my Grandma’s jars and the dif­fer­ence they made.

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