Halloween FUN


I thought I’d share some fun ideas we have done over the years to enjoy Hal­loween in a family-friendly way.  If you scroll through my posts the past few weeks, you will find all kinds of ideas such as the Hal­loween Buf­fet Table and family-friendly themed food.

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Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

How to Make Homemade Butter

SO Many great posts last week, but I really liked these one by Sherri at http://www.luvabargain.com         How to Make Home­made But­ter — this is SO COOL!  A great project with the kids too.

If you link up through my site be sure to leave me a com­ment you did AND what you linked up so I can fea­ture you on my fb page and maybe HERE next week! 

Let’s see what y’all can bring this week!  Carrie

Hey did you see my book has FOUR 5 star reviews now!  It’s called, A Mother’s Shadow and I hope you’ll check it out here on the side bar.  A huge thank you to all who are read­ing it! I would love to hear from you as I get ready to begin the next in the series. 

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SUCCESSFUL & Easy Caramel Apples


I have strug­gled with mak­ing caramel apples for years, actu­ally decades.  I do not like to bite into it and have the caramel peel­ing off, and find­ing it is thick and hard. Nor do I like it when the caramel all runs off the apple either. I want a nice layer of soft, yummy caramel cov­er­ing the apple, and this is it!  I’ve made home­made, but that can be tricky and I want one my kids can make that’s fail-proof. So I  looked around — again — and hap­pened on JamieCook­sItUp and thought I’d give her’s a try. She really nailed it!  I tweaked it a bit, and here you go with the easy way to suc­cess­fully make caramel apples.

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Attack of the Pumpkins & Revenge


Last year my prac­ti­cal joker son Derek sur­prised us with 82 pump­kins IN my house.…  You can read about it HERE





Sssoooo, Stan and I just couldn’t let that be the last word now could we!?!  Some weeks later, this is what we did, click HERE  (So grate­ful for a very good natured daughter-in-law, Tawni, who gets caught in the fray, lol.)





Copy­right Car­rie Grone­man, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Rec­og­nize a bless­ing and be a bless­ing today

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Halloween Cupcakes & Fun


Time for fam­ily get-together FUN!  Posted last year, but great frost­ing recipe and easy to fol­low tuto­r­ial are worth see­ing again.  Thanks so much Sharon for your time and talents!



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Halloween Buffet Table




My daughter-in-law Ash­ley helped me set up the buf­fet table and it looked grand! Thank you so much Ash for your time and very cool dec­o­ra­tions!

On Hal­loween night, fam­ily and friends drop by to show off their kids, or grand kids cos­tumes, or just to visit for a spell.

 It is usu­ally tra­di­tional to have chili, soup, stew or even a pizza decked out to look like a pump­kin. But I wanted some­thing that as fam­ily and friends came, they could make their own food and to their lik­ing.  Some of my kids do not like soups or pasta (I know, some­thing went hor­ri­bly wrong, cuz those are my favs), so a panini bar fits the bill just right.

Stop in to see what we made and maybe get a few ideas of your own!

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S’Mores Pop

Smore's Pop 1

Do you need a last minute treat, or some­thing fun for the entire fam­ily to make?  This is your answer! 

These bite sized S’mores have all the com­po­nents you love, and easy to make too.  Put a few together in a cel­lo­phane bag for a gift or a think­ing of you.

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Feature: Missy Tuft

Missy 1

Con­tin­u­ing with Can­cer Aware­ness month our fea­ture is Miss Tuft.  She is an amaz­ing woman with a tremen­dous story of courage and strength to share with us. We are so grate­ful she is will­ing to share her expe­ri­ences; here is Missy’s story:

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Carrie’s Caramel Apple Cider



Here is another recipe I cre­ated because of my sis­ter Jody. She came to my house one day and said we had to go try this hot cider she had at Star­bucks, and that I must fig­ure out the recipe.

This is my ver­sion and we really enjoy it. You can make it ahead and it only gets bet­ter. Per­fect for cold nights to warm you through and through.

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Anything For A Friend’ Fund Raiser

Becky and Bren1


I am so lucky to have one of the nicest ladies you would ever meet liv­ing in my neigh­bor­hood.  Her name is Brenda (pic­tured on the left) and her sister’s name is Becky (pic­tured on the right).  Brenda and a friend began a cam­paign to raise money for her sis­ter Becky when she was diag­nosed with can­cer.  Thank you so much Brenda for shar­ing your story with us.  Con­tinue read­ing