3 MOST Popular Recipes

Popular Food 1These are my top 3 viewed recipes:

The Peach Pound Cake is my most viewed recipe.  Stum­ble has hun­dreds to thou­sands a day com­ing for this recipe — go fig­ure!!!  Check it out for your­self HERE

I love these refried beans.  They are fla­vor­ful, have a great con­sis­tency and eas­ily made in the crock pot; I hope you will love them too.  Get the recipe HERE.

Who wouldn’t eat up these fab­u­lous melt-in-your mouth Ooey Gooey Bars!  The sim­ple recipe is HERE


Summer Meal Round-Up

Lunch Collage


I have an amaz­ing Sum­mer Meal Round-Up just in time!

A Brick sand­wich that is unique and lay­ered yum­mi­ness.  Come get the instruc­tions to make your own for your next out­ing or pic­nic HERE

These Dan­ish Cucum­bers are from an old fam­ily recipe and oh so good that’s why they are made sum­mer after sum­mer, get the recipe HERE

Potato salad is always a win­ner and we love ours packed with fla­vor, but sim­ple to make.  If you do do then click HERE



Lunch Collage 2

To fin­ish out your meal you might want to try these Jam short­bread, click HERE or Deca­dent Brown­ies, click HERE



1800’s Printer, Barber, Tinsmith & Dentist

The Printer

It is so easy to print any­thing now days by sim­ply push­ing a but­ton, in fact it can even be done remotely.  How­ever, that has not always been the case. It was a very skilled and tedious process.  I have details about it HERE.

The Shav­ing Par­lor was not only a place for men to get a hair cut, but also a place to get your teeth pulled.  WHAT! That’s right, come read more about this unique busi­ness HERE

The Tin­Smith was very crit­i­cal in the Com­mu­nity, read all about how spe­cial­ized his role was HERE


Mountain Men Rendezvous


The Moun­tain Men had a very inter­est­ing role to play in set­tling the west and open­ing the fron­tier for peo­ple to col­o­nize and build homes.

Their story is excit­ing; you can read about it HERE

 Also, did you ever won­der what kids played back in the pio­neer times?  Come over and see them HERE


Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

I want to thank Adrian for the amaz­ing fea­ture she did on my novel, my blog and my cook­book over at Life With Gar­nish.  Check it out HERE

Any blog­gers who link up, if you will leave me a com­ment, I will fea­ture you on my fb page and pass your name on to the other  hosts here to give you a shout-out also!  Thank You to every­one for stop­ping by and enjoy the party!!! Car­rie

Wow, what a fun party we had last week. More views than ever! Best foods, crafts, tips and ideas, too. And you are here with us this week to party once again! 

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Perfect Old Fashioned Ginger Cookie

Soft Ginger Cookies 2

Gin­ger Cookie also known as a Gin­ger Snap Cookie

I really don’t mean to brag, but these cook­ies really are the BEST and I can con­fi­dently crown them ‘Per­fect’.  They are crisp on the edges, chewy in the mid­dle, have the right amount of molasses taste, the ideal bal­ance of gin­ger and voila! 

Make up a batch, or three, of these today by fol­low­ing this tuto­r­ial and recipe HERE


The Pioneer In ALL of us!



I believe we still have the courage and stead­fast atti­tude to make a dif­fer­ence for GOOD in our soci­ety today. So many peo­ple do the hard things, make dif­fi­cult choices and  stand up for what they trust to be the cor­rect course in life, despite the con­se­quences.

Pio­neers in days-gone-by left all behind for a bet­ter life for their chil­dren and pos­ter­ity; regard­less of the hard­ships.  We do this in dif­fer­ent ways, but the sac­ri­fice is equal and try­ing.

Come read my post on more of this sub­ject of how WE are pio­neers with that same spirit, drive and deter­mi­na­tion HERE


CandyLand Theme Party

Candy Land Theme B-Day Party 1Have you sub­scribed to my newslet­ter?  Spe­cials just for those who are and open it!


It was a grand daughter’s birth­day party and the theme was Candy Land. It turned out fab­u­lous!

My son Devin and dil Ash­ley made it all VERY eco­nom­i­cal, yet FUN for ALL ages!

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LOST ART OF SEWING — 20 Minute Table Runner

Table Runner 2

Sewing is impor­tant, which is why it is part of the LOST ART SERIES, and it can be fun, as well as func­tional.  After you make this run­ner, you will want to make them for wed­ding and Christ­mas gifts too — eco­nom­i­cal and super fast with these instruc­tions.  See, sewing isn’t scary, but fabulous!

This table run­ner really will take a new­bie 20 min­utes or so to make with my tuto­r­ial.  It’s very easy and will dress up your table or any­where you want to put this fun, or ele­gant run­ner, depend­ing on the fab­ric you choose. 


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LOST ART OF Being Kind — Month of Little Acts of Kindness

printable calendar

Con­tin­u­ing the LOST ART of KINDNESS, we have a cal­en­dar to encour­age doing a Month of Lit­tle Acts of Kind­ness.  Shayna is back with this fab­u­lous print­able filled with easy ideas to do daily.  She also pro­vides a blank cal­en­dar to cre­ate your own ideas too!

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Kool-Aid Candied Popcorn

Kool Aid Popcorn

My dil Ash­ley asked me to make candy coated pop­corn for my grand­daugh­ters birth­day party and I wanted some­thing new.  I found this one and just had to give it a try, it was so inter­est­ing.  It was AWESOME!  You are only lim­ited by the fla­vors of Kool Aid — You’ve got to give this a whirl!


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The Lost Art of Relationships — The Definition

Lost Art of Relationship 1

There are so many kinds of rela­tion­ships in our lives, and each are like threads in a mag­nif­i­cent tapes­try woven together to cre­ate a mas­ter­piece, unique and extra­or­di­nary to each person.

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Lost Art of Relationships: You and Your Mother-In-Law

mother in law 4


  This can be one of the most won­der­ful bed of roses relationships, 

   OR  one strewn with thorns and barbs,

   OR  one that is aban­doned and com­pletely ignored.

  Part 1 in the series of Mother-In-Law


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