Celebrate The Easter Season

There are so many won­der­ful and fun activ­i­ties, foods and tra­di­tions to cel­e­brate at this time of the year. Easter is a hol­i­day with mean­ing of deep impact to each and every one of us.

Please con­sider read­ing the story of Christ, and His sac­ri­fice for all mankind in your scrip­tures, to see how to model life more like His.

Enjoy this short mes­sage and have a won­der­fully Happy Easter. Carrie


Oven Roasted Asparagus

Oven Roasted Asparagus


   This is a Won­der­ful side dish to accom­pany any meal.

   Here is  my ver­sion of a quick, but very upscale way to eas­ily pre­pare asparagus.

   The roast­ing adds a deli­cious depth to the fla­vor, the Parme­san cheese gets all won­der­fully crisp on the edges, and the lemon at the end bright­ens the entire dish.

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2nd Sunday Dinner Open House

It was 2nd Sun­day and we had one of our largest crowds ever, which made Stan and me so happy.  Neigh­bors brought peo­ple to meet new friends, and it was really a won­der­ful time.

I have been asked many times how & why we do this din­ner every month, here’s a few of the rea­sons

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Stuffed Angel Cake Delight

Stuffed Angel Food Delight 2

     Ohhh, angel food cake really is one of my most favorite desserts. I came across this recipe on but­ter­with­aside­of­bread and just had to give it a try.

     I only tweeked it a tad — for those of you who know me, that’s just my style.

     Give this one a try, it is so amaz­ingly deli­cious and per­fect for any occa­sion as it sings of spring and warm weather!

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DIY Jars & Vases


     My daughter-in-law Ash­ley is at it again.  This time she trans­formed ordi­nary empty jars and vases from yard sales or the dol­lar sec­tion at stores. 

     This makeover offers dimen­sion and style to change up any room on a bud­get and it was incred­i­bly easy.

     Thank you Ashley!

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Asparagus Risotto

Asparagus Risotto


    This is one of my very favorite side dishes — ever.

    The Arbo­rio rice turns to a creamy won­der­ful goodness.

    Caramelized mush­rooms and onions take the fla­vors of this dish off the charts.

   A per­fect accom­pa­ni­ment for any meat.

   It takes a lit­tle bit of time to make, but so worth it for this gourmet dish.

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Kids Homemade Easter Candy and Card

Kids Ester Pretzel & Card


  This is a per­fect way for the kids to get involved in doing some­thing nice for fam­ily and friends.

   A sweet way to serve others.

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Easter Peep Pops

Peep Pops

    My friend Dor­thy is shar­ing with us her sim­ple, no cook (hee­hee) Easter treat!

    These Peep Pops are great gifts for kids, teens to make for their friends — who wouldn’t love one of these!

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Mirror/Frame Make Over

Mirror Make Over

     My daughter-n-law Ash­ley is redo­ing her man­tle in their home. Today we get to see how she painted a mir­ror frame to match her color palette.

     This is a fab­u­lous tech­nique for re-purposing an old frame or to make a new frame go with your color scheme.

     Thanks Ash­ley for tak­ing us along to see how to inex­pen­sively change up any room.

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Beef Bourguignon & Chunky Mashed Potatoes

Beef Bourguignon 2

   I wanted to make this clas­sic French dish with­out the wine but with­out sac­ri­fic­ing the same depth of fla­vors, and in my hum­ble opin­ion, I did it!

  Stew this is NOT.  These fla­vors build upon each other which makes this dish so unique.  Begin­ning with the bacon, adding the seared beef,  veg­eta­bles, and then the fla­vor of the cran­berry juice brings a rich and com­plex taste. The mush­rooms bring an earthly fla­vor.  Slow sim­mer­ing sur­passes all excep­tions, and the beef is so incred­i­bly ten­der.  As if it could not get any bet­ter, my slightly chunky pota­toes add tex­ture and serve as a per­fect base for this won­der­ful meal.

  This scrump­tious recipe makes any day a spe­cial occasion.

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