My Purpose Is -

My Purpose Is - Do you ever won­der if you can make a dif­fer­ence?  Does your life really mat­ter in the grand scheme of things?  What is your unique pur­pose?

When we feel dis­cour­aged or ques­tion our rea­son for being in the place we are, at the time in his­tory we are; let’s remem­ber the story of Esther and see the anal­ogy in our own life.

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Grandma’s BEST Pancakes




My Grandma Shirley was FAMOUS for this bat­ter she made into pan­cakes and waf­fles. My fam­ily has become known for this also. They are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. a tad bit of work, but well worth it!

Click HERE my easy to fol­low tuto­r­ial.  YUMMY!


Family Time Ideas

Family Time Ideas

Spend­ing time as a fam­ily to con­nect is SO impor­tant!  As I pointed out in my ear­lier post, teach­ing our chil­dren gospel-oriented lessons about God, other than just at church is vital.  (click HERE to read that article) 

Along with the lessons needs to be fun and other ideas. I have made a list of a few, but I’ll bet you have a bunch to add, so PLEASE with whipped cream and a cherry on top, add your com­ments of what you do for bond­ing time!  We all gain when we share.  Here ya go with some of mine:

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Which Way???

Which Way 1Many years ago when I first began dri­ving, I moved to live with my dad about 130 miles from my mom.  Mom and dad had divorced when I was 9 years old, so we had made the trip more times then I could count, but I never paid atten­tion since I wasn’t the one driving.

I wanted to go visit mom and my friends.  Dad was kind enough to allow me to take his car and go see them for a few days. 

Now this was wwaaayyy before cell phones, GPS, Mapquest, or any of the other very help­ful tools that we have now for nav­i­ga­tion.  I had a map that you would get for free some­times or pur­chase at the gas station.

The map was all fine and dandy—provided you could read it. I didn’t bother to get out a marker and study it to make sure I was pos­i­tive I under­stood where I was going, nor did dad.  He said, ‘it’s easy, just stay on I-15 and you’ll be fine.

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Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

  It’s the Won­der­ful Wednes­day Blog Hop and I’m SO glad you are here!!!  EVERYONE come on in and visit for new and cre­ative ideas.  Blog­gers please com­ment or email me you link # so I can fea­ture you on my FB page and pos­si­bly here next week!    Thanks for Par­ty­ing With Us, We LOVE It!!!  Car­rie  (carrie@amothersshadow.com)

Here are my features:

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Angel Food Delight

Stuffed Angel Food Delight 2This is one of my most pop­u­lar recipes and I must thank, again, the gals at but­ter­with­aside­of­bread for this idea.

It is SO easy peasy and scrumpdil­lyump­tious too! It’s dream come true: a light and fluffy angel food cake stuffed with a fill­ing of creamy delight and refresh­ing straw­ber­ries all nested together.…you will not think of any­thing else until you make this dessert — I dare you!

Click HERE for the recipe. 

Doesn’t the inside look lus­cious!  The Out­side (now you know ya gotta make it)

Stuffed Angel Food Delight 1


A Kite and Why fhe Time?

The Kite & WHY fheFam­ily time is the most impor­tant of all the items on our agenda.  Believe me, I know how dif­fi­cult it is to sched­ule it and make it stick!  I had a herd of kids to drop off to sports and music lessons, home­work to help with, girl scouts, cub/boy scouts, 4-H Club, PTA meet­ings, kids extracur­ric­u­lar activ­i­ties to let them off at as well as occa­sion­ally (fre­quently) par­tic­i­pate in myself.  Then there was back-to-school night, parent-teacher con­fer­ences, oh my the list can go on and on and on and that doesn’t even include the involve­ment in church and com­mu­nity.  Pretty PLEASE do NOT roll your eyes and say not another thing I have to do, or I’ve triedI have a lit­tle story about a kite to share with you.  Now, just stay with me, it’s com­ing, I promise.…..

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Fresh Fruit & Angel Sauce

DSC_0139 edited


Are you as happy as I am that the fresh berries and fruit are start­ing to come into sea­son — YAHOOEY!

A very kind lady Lisa Bar­row shared with me and gave me per­mis­sion to share with all of YOU!

This sauce is a per­fect com­pli­ment to fruit, and fab­u­lous with just a spoon too, heehee. 

Click HERE for the recipe.


Do NOT say M.O.M! — National Prevent Child Abuse Month

Do not say MomAnother mom moment (see my other post HERE):  As I wrote before, Stan trav­eled quite a lot while the kids were grow­ing up and with five very, very active kids who were always busy and into every­thing, all the time, some­times I sim­ply needed a break.  How­ever, there were not options for easy relief. So most of the time it was just me try­ing to deal with all of their shenani­gans, daily drama, mishaps, messes, teas­ing and all the other sib­ling taunt­ing that occurs.  

One par­tic­u­lar day I had it up to my eye­balls and beyond; and I’m pretty tall, so it was over the top. 

I told them I was going into the bath­room as the weather was too bad to go out­side, and that they needed to give me five min­utes, one for each kid.  Only five min­utes of quiet.  No talk­ing.  No noise. No tat­tling.  And no one could say the word mom.  NO M.O.M. for 5 full minutes. 

After mak­ing sure all sharp objects were up, the house secure, no fire haz­ards were avail­able (a sub­ject for another day), I went to my tiny bath­room to prac­tice the meth­ods of de-stressing pro­fes­sion­als talk about.

First I began to count, while envi­sion­ing myself by the ocean or in the moun­tains; I couldn’t decide.  I was deep breath­ing while try­ing not to hyper­ven­ti­late.  I mean this was my chance to get it all in, right? So I was tak­ing advantage!

About three min­utes into my ‘relax­ation ther­apy’ a piece of paper appeared under my door.  I picked it up and the words were:  Mom, can we talk to you yet?

I began to laugh.  It was the stress reliever I really needed.  I opened the door to find all five kids lay­ing on the floor, peer­ing at the bot­tom of the door look­ing very con­cerned if their mother had lost it com­pletely.  I couldn’t stop laugh­ing which made them laugh, also let­ting them know all was well.  There are those times though that we need our space.

This post is for par­ents AND for KIDS TO GET HELP when needed.  You never know who may be in trou­ble as shown in the video below — which is very well worth your time to watch.

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Salisbury Steak & Mushroom Gravy

Salisbury Steak & Mushroom Gravy

This dish is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  A fab­u­lous way to stretch the bud­get with a meal that is packed with fla­vor.  Con­sider it in the cat­e­gory of gourmet and com­pany ele­gant.  If you are feed­ing a bunch of munchkins, after cook­ing the beef pat­ties, sim­ply cut it into pieces to reaaal­l­l­lyyy stretch it. YUMMY!

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This isn’t My Mommy — Being a Parent Can Be a Challenge.…

Help! This is NOT My Mom!!!I had five kids in eight years and I wouldn’t change a thing.  They were, and have been a bless­ing, but that is not to say that it has not been with­out it’s dif­fi­cul­ties.  This is National Child Abuse Month and I would like to address this very impor­tant subject.

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DIY Strawberry Freezer Jam



I have taught so many of my friends and neigh­bors how to make this super easy freezer jam.  And you can make it too with my sim­ple to fol­low tuto­r­ial with pic­tures.  GREAT for gifts and to have a taste of sum­mer all year long.  Click HERE for the recipe.


The Envy Monster


Ok, so do you ever hear good news that hap­pened for some­one else and instead of think­ing, ‘That’s so AWESOME for them’ think, ‘Geez I wish that would hap­pen for me’.

Do you know what that is?  It’s the Envy Mon­ster rear­ing its ugly, nasty, dread­ful, ter­ri­ble head…

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