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Spidey Taco & Boa Calzone

Halloween Food 3

I have 2 fam­ily friendly Hal­loween dishes to get this sea­son started off right!  It’s hard to find ideas that are not sweet and that fit the Spooky theme, but these are a Scary match.  Both are super easy and fun to make, and you  can get the fam­ily involved or you can sur­prise them with these Fright­en­ingly Fun Foods.

The Amaz­ing Spidey Taco Recipe can be found HERE

The Boa­zone Snake Cal­zone Recipe is HERE


Domestic Abuse & Violence, Part 1

Abuse 4

Once a month the ladies in my church, and all women in the area are invited and wel­come, and we get together to learn, social­ize – and eat of course.
At one of the meet­ings we were pre­sented the same infor­ma­tion given at a Multi Faith Lead­ers cen­tered on Domes­tic Vio­lence Train­ing.
I found it so infor­ma­tive and per­ti­nent, that I asked for per­mis­sion to pass it onto you.  I have also included other infor­ma­tion I found while doing some research on this impor­tant subject.

I hope you will read it and pass it on to any­one and every­one you can.  You never know who is suf­fer­ing in silence and just does not have the infor­ma­tion of where to turn for help.  Pos­si­bly you, or some­one you know is the abuser and wants to change, there is also help.  This is the first in this series.

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BBQ is ON!

PicMonkey Collage

The weather is still gor­geous and so lets take advan­tage of get­ting together with fam­ily or friends this week­end.  I have the per­fect recipes for you to pick from, or make them all!  The mar­i­nated kabobs are scrump­tious and mouth­wa­ter­ing and work really well with beef and chicken.  Both are amaz­ing, you might want to make both.  The Asian chicken pairs well with thigh meat, and eco­nom­i­cal too. The creamy potato salad is clas­sic, and the Ger­man Potato salad has no mayo so you don’t have to worry about it sit­ting in the heat.  Yummy baked beans, need I say more!? To fin­ish it off, I brought along some deca­dent brown­ies because what’s bet­ter than choco­late! ENJOY!!!

Bal­samic Mar­i­nated Kabobs, click HERE

Savory Honey Mar­i­nated Kabobs, click HERE

Asian BBQ Chicken, click HERE

Creamy Potato Salad, click HERE

Ger­man Potato Salad, click HERE

Baked Beans, click HERE

 Deca­dent Brownie Cup­cake, click HERE



The Lost Art of Self Reliance — Food Storage & Top 30

Lost Art of Self Reliance - Food Storage



Tawni has another very infor­ma­tive and use­ful post in our LOST ART OF SELF RELIANCE Series.  She is address­ing her top list of 30 items that are a MUST have and also ideas of where to store them all — very clev­erly I might add.

Thank you Tawni for all the effort you have put into this crit­i­cal topic and edu­cat­ing us so we can be bet­ter pre­pared for any­thing that may come along.

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BEST Chipotle Chili

DSC_1274 - chipotle chili


This is seri­ously the BEST chili ever!  Full bod­ied in fla­vor, packed with hearty lay­ers of rich robust sea­son­ing that will sat­isfy and leave you feel­ing con­tent.  I have a secret ingre­di­ent that is the under­ly­ing rea­son this is so fab­u­lous.  I hope you will come give this a try.  The recipe is HERE.


Stress RELIEF, Part 2

Stress Relief Post 1I wrote about how we can have so much stress in our life, and much of it is due to a busy life style and how much we need/want to accom­plish in a day.

How­ever, there is also stress that is brought on by events and cir­cum­stances that oth­ers cre­ate which are com­pletely out of our control.

What can be done to get relief? How can we feel we have power over our own life? What do we do to feel peace, God’s spirit and joy even through tri­als and times of hardships?

I have THREE sim­ple daily rit­u­als that will reduce our stress and change our entire atti­tude, even when hard­ships seem to smother and crush our very life breath.

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All Things Apple

I have some good­ies for you!  And they are fab­u­lous.  A won­der­ful cake, some easy-peasy turnovers using puff pas­try and no-fail caramel apples.

Scrump­tious Caramel Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce HERE

Apple Turnovers HERE

Caramel Apples HERE


It’s DANCE time!

Dance Asking and Answering



It’s another year of school and that means DANCES!  I have a ter­rific post with some valu­able tips about eti­quette on a date, as well as some fun and clever ideas of how to ask and answer for those spe­cial occa­sion dances — since it seems we can’t just ‘ask’ any­more, hee­hee.  Click HERE for this post– as well as links for GROUP DATE ACTIVITIES, DATE CONVERSATION STARTERS, ARE WE ON A DATE, DATE SAFETY, and many more — now let the FUN begin!!!

Image cour­tesy of stockim­ages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Ultimate Cuban Panini

Ultimate Cuban Panini 1

I do LOVE a good sand­wich and one day I had a han­ker­ing for a panini.  They are ter­rific to have when fam­ily are com­ing in at dif­fer­ent times due to sports, extracur­ric­u­lar activ­i­ties, meet­ings, etc., you know they will still have a good meal that’s hot and sat­is­fy­ing.  I cre­ated this one and the meat can be made ahead and refrig­er­ated a day or two before, or even frozen for a few months.  This panini is so good because the meat has amaz­ing fla­vor; and when paired with the tra­di­tional Cuban sand­wich ingre­di­ents — it’s a home run!

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Do YOU Have STRESS? part 1

Stress 3

I attended a class on stress and the ways of increas­ing per­sonal effec­tive­ness and how to live a hap­pier life.

Mr. Miller brought up some very inter­est­ing points that I had never thought of, and which have con­se­quently sunk deep in my soul; and maybe this will res­onate with you. When you have stress, what causes it?  What do you do to get relief? What is the Savior’s way?

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ALL Things Cinnamon

All Things Cinnamon 1It’s the week­end and time for a bit of bak­ing!  I have some easy recipes that are del­ish and per­fect for break­fast, snacks or dessert.  All have cin­na­mon as a com­mon ingre­di­ent, wel­com­ing the begin­ning of fall and ring­ing out summer.

Cin­na­mon Rolls with Caramel Sauce, click HERE

Cin­na­mon Twists, click HERE

Cin­na­mon Roll Cake, click HERE



The Lost Art of Cleaning — Walls

Walls 1

My sis­ter Jody, who is the queen of clean is back with another install­ment in the LOST ART OF CLEANING series.  This post is all about how to clean walls.  It’s not dif­fi­cult if you know the tricks, and Jody shares hers with us.  Oh, you are going to LOVE her bril­lant idea of how to use a wash­cloth in place of a swif­fer!  She’s a genius!   A huge thank you Jody:)

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Lost Art of Saving — ShopKick


I posted this ear­lier, but some­how I didn’t link it cor­rectly — oops!  So here it is done right and now you can have all the advan­tage of Shop­Kick.  THANK YOU Tawni for all your effort and patience:)

Have you ever heard of Shop­Kick?  Tawni is here to help us intro­duce us to the very cool and easy to use Shop­Kick!  Thanks to Tawni we can earn LOTS of FREE stuff!

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Fiesta Chopped Salad

Fiesta Chopped Salad 3


This salad is sssoooo good.  You will crave it, want it, make it once a week!  It’s healthy, sat­is­fy­ing and so tasty.  The com­bi­na­tion of fla­vors from the roasted corn eas­ily done in your oven to the crunch of fresh veg­gies.  Add the bit of sassy from the dress­ing which makes this an off the charts amaz­ing salad that is eas­ily for a crowd or for indi­vid­ual plates.

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