Neverland Theme Party



         My son Devin and his lovely wife, my daughter-in-law Ash­ley, cre­ated a very whim­si­cal  birth­day party for their old­est son, my grandson.

        Work­ing with fam­ily they made the party imag­i­na­tive and extraordinary.


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August 2nd Sunday — Open House Dinner

It was a FABULOUS 2nd Sun­day Din­ner with a large crowd of about 60 FABULOUS peo­ple! I went with a Hawai­ian Theme and here’s a few of the items on the menu:

Hawaiian Slider 2Roasted Corn Couscous 2Pineapple Dream Bars 1









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Hawaiian Pork Sliders with Slaw & Island Sauce

Hawaiian Slider 1


   This is a per­fect meal for any occa­sion.  Ter­rific to make ahead for a crowd, or for din­ner tonight.

   A sweet roll, lay­ered with fab­u­lous mar­i­nated ten­der and moist meat, a refresh­ing slaw with just the right amount of sea­son­ing and then topped with an amaz­ing Island Sauce.


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Roasted Corn Couscous

Roasted Corn Couscous 2

   My side dish fea­tur­ing Cous­cous is a won­der­ful change from rice and potatoes.

   I roasted gar­lic, red bell pep­per and corn to take this dish to a whole new level of side dish.

   Cous­cous is a a healthy alter­na­tive and made so tasty with roasted veg­eta­bles and sea­son­ings. Give it a try the next time you want some­thing new and unique.

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My book is coming!

A MOTHER'S SHADOW - Front Cover (for Amazon)  Do you like my cover?  My book should be avail­able first part of Sep­tem­ber — WOOT!    I’m very excited to share a bit of my book with you; see what you think:

  “John, I’d like to knock sense into that blasted head of yours! It didn’t seem to help before, but maybe this time…” Harry’s voice was gruff as he freed one hand hold­ing on to John’s shirt. Then pulled his fist back as far as he was able, as though gain­ing all pos­si­ble lever­age for a hard punch.
   “Now wait Harry!” sniveled John, and he looked as if he were going to cry.
   “Wait for what? Are you going to pay McCleary? Are you going to make up the time we’ve lost due to your idiocy? Are you going to share your crops if we don’t have enough plant­ing sea­son left? What can you do John besides lie, take advan­tage, cheat and look out for your­self?”
   “Umm…..it’s not like that,” John blub­bered.
   Harry released John with a hard shove, caus­ing John to fall squarely to the ground with a thud.
 Pic­ture going to the cir­cus and watch­ing the Trapeze artist, a par­tic­u­larly strong and able-bodied man, who seems to glide through the air from one swing­ing bar to the next with­out any effort at all.          Then, to everyone’s sur­prise, he misses a bar and begins to drop to the ground! Luck­ily he lands in the safety net. What will he do? Get up and con­tinue, or will he stay? What is the life les­son we can learn from John in our story and our Cir­cus Performer?

I would love to hear what you think.  Email me at carrie@amothersshadow.com or fb me.

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DIY Sun Dried Tomatoes, Pesto & Uses

DSC_1024 - roasted tomatoesDSC_1026 - baguette & roasted tomato  







Did you know you can make your OWN Sun dried toma­toes in your own oven?    It is SO EASY to make tomato slices OR pesto.

 These are deli­cious and much, MUCH bet­ter and a frac­tion of the cost then the store-bought kind.  Make them up and freeze to use all year long.     Click HERE for the recipe

I also have a few ideas for tasty ways to use the Sun-dried Tomato juli­enned slices, or pesto.  Click HERE for recipes Con­tinue read­ing


Featured Family — Jason & Meredith

Montage (2)


Y’all know my friend Dor­thy.   She has been so gen­er­ous in shar­ing amaz­ing posts for diy cards, crafts, sewing tips and so many other won­der­ful things the past two years.

Well, her son Jason and his lovely wife Mered­ith want more than any­thing to have their very own fam­ily.  They are rais­ing money for infer­til­ity treat­ments by sell­ing home­made cards.  Please read about this jour­ney and visit their site HERE


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